October Solidarity Update 🔥

This October we want to honor the current struggle of the People against colonialism, capitalism, imperialism. The legacy of today's resistances will be the freedom of the People of tomorrow! It is so powerful to see, hear, and feel the People calling out: No to corruption, no to laws [...]

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🌱 September Solidarity Update

The elections of 2023 have been a materialization of decades of human rights violations, implemented since colonial times to this day, with the consolidation of power in the hands of a few to carry out their economic interests with impunity. In spite of this, over the last few months [...]

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Perspectivas de lxs acompañantes: Una reflexión de dos incendios

Esta reflexión es de Maisie (elles/elles) actual Internacionalista. Llevo ya más de 8 meses en Guatemala. Desde la última vez que les escribí, mis reflexiones se han multiplicado por diez. Estar aquí es como mirar el océano; al principio, la superficie del agua es sólo una gran extensión, pero [...]

Actualización Solidaria de Junio 🌻

El pasado mes de junio acompañamos a nuestros socios en sus luchas por la justicia en medio de un contexto lleno de incertidumbre ante el periodo electoral. Acompáñanos a leer sobre la importancia de un voto electoral con memoria y dignidad, sobre el reconocimiento de la justicia desde los [...]

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Actualización solidaria: Enero

Este mes queremos ponerles al día sobre el caso de genocidio de Lucas García, la lucha para proteger el agua en Huehuetenango, ¡y cómo nos fue nuestra celebración de fin de año! Un tema común que ha surgido mientras analizamos las condiciones actuales en Guatemala es la militarización histórica [...]

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Solidarity Update: January

This month we want to update you on the Lucas García genocide case, the struggle to protect the water in Huehuetenango, and how our end of year celebration went! A common theme that has emerged as we analyze the current conditions in Guatemala is the historic and current militarization [...]

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Actualización Solidaria de Octubre-Noviembre

Susanne Jonas ha muerto. ¡Qué Viva Susanne Jonas! --- Luis Argueta, cineasta guatemalteco. Susanne Jonas, prolífica autora, profesora e infatigable activista de la justicia social en favor de Guatemala y de Centroamérica en general, murió mientras estaba hospitalizada por una neumonía en Oakland el [...]

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August Solidarity Update: We Are Territories in Resistance

Trans-Territorial Table The Trans-Territorial Table will strengthen specific struggles, create shared knowledge across movements, and deepen the collective project for liberated territories from Turtle Island to Ixim Ulew. NISGUA is happy to announce that we selected the 9 project participants of the Trans-Territorial Table. Here they have the [...]

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June Solidarity Update / Actualización solidaria de Junio

[español abajo] Building the World We Want Dear community, this month we share with you our reflections about the People’s summit celebrated in Los Angeles, updates on the Military Diary Case and the criminalization of the judge who ruled the opening of the trial, a video- report from the [...]

March Solidarity Update 2022

Dear friends, family, and comrades, As the year moves forward, NISGUA is happy to share that we are officially back in Guatemala! Over the last few months, we have been observing trials, commemorations, and accompanying different activities with our partners. Recently, social organizations, survivors, and victims highlighted the risk [...]

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February Solidarity Update 2022

Luis Enrique Mendoza García, former high-ranking military officer, will face trial for genocide and crimes against humanity while attacks to judicial independence continue;  a call for mutual respect and transparency on the pre-consultations of the mining project in Xinca territory Flyer announcing the opening of the trial. [...]

October Solidarity Update

[español abajo] Dear community, This month, we share with you the concerns of Guatemalan human rights, and survivors organizations over changes to the Public Prosecutor's Human Rights office. We also invite you to commemorate Indigenous people’s day by listening to their powerful leadership in the fight against the US [...]

August Solidarity Update 2021

Picture of a roadblock in the Ixcán region on July 29 during the National Strike. The signs read: “Ixcán present in the fight, we demand the resignation of Alejandro Giammattei and Consuelo Porras,” “Resist to Live, Resist to Advance,” “Resign Giammattei! Porras Out!,” and “The people united will never [...]

July Solidarity Update 2021 / Boletín Solidario de Julio

On July 22nd, Rubén’s life partner, feminist leader Alba Cecilia, launched Rubén’s second book, ¿Cómo olvidar a las memorias olvidadas? or How to forget the forgotten memories? You can watch the livestream of the launch in Spanish at www.facebok.com/MadreSelvaColectivo. [Español abajo] Dear NISGUA community, In moments of grief, as in [...]

May 2021 Solidarity Update

(Español abajo) Dear community,  In recent weeks, we have seen acute moments of settler-colonial violence and authoritarianism throughout the globe. We stand in solidarity with those rising up to protect their homes, livelihoods, and the right to self-determination, from Palestine to Colombia, and back into our own cities and [...]

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March 2021 Solidarity Update: Day of Dignification of the Victims of the IAC, International Day of Water, and become a sustaining donor!

During the February 25 commemoration, social organizations placed a poster with national symbols, covered by pictures of the disappeared and victims of the Internal Armed Conflict, outside the Congress. Photo credit: Edith López Ovalle Dear friends and comrades: We are already walking [...]

February Solidarity Update: ACAs suspended, updates from our partners, and a new volunteer opportunity!

These past few months have been full of challenges, victories, and continued perseverance. Continue reading below to join us in celebrating our wins, take action with us, and learn about the continued fight for justice for genocide survivors, land defenders, and all migrants and asylum seekers. Please also consider [...]

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