Update on the Ixil Genocide Case, Monday, April 8th, 2024 to Friday, April 12th, 2024.

This week, the hearings were accompanied by members of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) of the Kaqchikel region, Ancestral Indigenous Authorities of the Ixil region of Nebaj and various national and international civil society organizations. Monday, April 8th, 2024 On the third day of hearings [...]

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Genocide Ixil case – April 5th, 2024

On April 5th, 2024, the oral and public debate against former military officer: Benedicto Lucas García, accused in the Ixil Genocide case and driven by the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR), was resumed by the High-Risk "A" Court. The Public Ministry stated in its opening arguments that it [...]

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Opening to the Oral and Public Debate: Delay Tactics Used in the Ixil Genocide Trial by Benedicto Lucas García’s legal team.

On March 25, 2024, the first hearing of the Oral and Public Debate was held against former General Benedicto Lucas García, for the crimes of genocide, sexual violence and crimes against humanity, committed during the dictatorship of his brother Romeo Lucas García (1978-1982). Ancestral Indigenous Authorities of the Ixil [...]

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Case status: Ixil Genocide, government period of the general Fernando Romeo Lucas Garcia (July 1st of 1978 to March 23rd of 1982).

Background. After 36 years, Guatemala put an end to the Internal Armed Conflict –IAC-, with the definitive ceasefire and the signing of the firm and lasting Peace Agreement on December 29th of 1996. Previously, through the Oslo Accords (1994), the parties agreed to the creation of the Commission for [...]

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Public Statement for the National Day of Dignification for the Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict (IAC)

Coordination of Ixil Organizations and Organizations of Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict (IAC) Indigenous people in Guatemala, among them the Maya Ixil people, have experienced moments of pain, sadness, and resistance in their history, one of the most recent being the Internal Armed Conflict between 1960 and [...]

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Statement: ODHAG offices raided

The Human Rights Office of the Archbishop of Guatemala (ODHAG) denounces that during the early morning hours of February 14, the offices of Culture and Peace, the programs of historical memory, childhood, conflict transformation and community organization were broken into by unknown persons. They report the theft of laptop [...]

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Statement of the permanent Assembly of Authorities of Indigenous People in Defense of democracy

THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE OF GUATEMALA FOR THESE 105 DAYS OF RESISTANCE We have completed 105 days of dignified and historic resistance in defense of democracy, with which we have demonstrated that the power of the people should not be underestimated. When all was thought lost, our organization [...]

5 Points to understand why the National Strike continues in Guatemala

"Let us walk hand in hand with the People" Since the last update we shared, the Indefinite National Strike initiated on October 2nd, led by the Ancestral Authorities of different Indigenous peoples throughout the country, and maintained by various sectors of the Guatemalan population, continues. The demand is firm: [...]

The Permanent Assembly of Indigenous People and social organizations in defense of democracy declares to the people of Guatemala:

We, the Indigenous people, through our Ancestral Authorities, gathered in a permanent Assembly, together with organizations of Indigenous peoples, civil society, peasants, women, trade unions, students, working-class neighborhoods, settlement dwellers, united market workers, youth, urban organizations, academics and citizens who accompany us. We have met, we have dialogued, and [...]

10 Points to Understand the Political Crisis and National Strike in Guatemala

The crisis in Guatemala is not an isolated moment, it is a structural crisis It has been 17 days of the people of Guatemala expressing their rejection of public officials’ actions of corruption, impunity and perpetuation in power. Specifically, they have demanded the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo [...]

Assembly of Indigenous Authorities to the People of Guatemala and the International Community

We want to express our rejection of Consuelo Porras' request to dismiss the Minister of the Interior. Her persistence is of note to us, given the fact that the current situation in the country is a consequence of the Attorney General's stubbornness in not resigning, which confirms her coupist [...]

The Indigenous People and Ancestral Authorities to the People of Guatemala make known:

That after 12 days of peaceful demonstrations throughout the national territory, a meeting was held with the President of the Republic, Alejandro Giammattei, with the mediation of the Organization of American States (OAS), in which the demands of the people were presented. That the results of the first meeting [...]

Letter to the president from the Assembly of Authorities of People in resistence for the defense of democracy

Guatemala City, October 11, 2023 Mr. Alejandro Giammettei Falla The Office the President of the Republic Mr. President, With great indignation and disgust, through the media we have learned that a letter signed by yourself has been circulating in which you insist, just as you did on the national [...]

Statement by ancestral indigenous authorities

WE STRONGLY CONDEMN THE ACTS OF VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE! Regarding some acts of vandalism that occurred today, as indigenous authorities we inform the people of Guatemala, that for eight consecutive days we have conducted protests in a peaceful, orderly and respectful manner, allowing the passage of medical vehicles, ambulances, [...]

Statement faced with the kidnapping of the people’s decision through the policies of State terrorism implemented by the current government and its criminal pact.

As Families of disappeared persons detained in Guatemala, we express: A resounding rejection to the grotesque and improper raid in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which reminds us of the worst moments of the dictatorships that resulted in more than 45,000 people detained and disappeared in Guatemala, and sends a [...]

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AJR reject with total indignation the law initiative 6099

THE ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION -AJR- TO THE PUBLIC OPINION COMMUNICATES: The victims and survivors of the Internal Armed Conflict (IAC)  organized in the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) reject with total indignation the law initiative 6099, because it favors the military personnel responsible for committing grave [...]

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Key points to understand the 2023 presidential elections in Guatemala

As part of our commitment to share accessible information created in dialogue with our Guatemalan partners, we share below some key points of the historical electoral process, which will culminate with the second round on August 20th. General context for understanding elections in Guatemala: "Pacto de [...]

Statement: AJR and ODHAG denounce attempts to seek house arrest for military accused of crimes against humanity

On Friday, July 28th, 2023, a hearing to review the substitutive measures for Benedicto Lucas García, accused of genocide and crimes against humanity in the Lucas García Ixil genocide case was held. The plaintiff organizations denounced this new attempt to hinder access to justice for victims and survivors. Although [...]

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Vote with memory!

In the face of the proven cooptation of the three branches of the State by sectors historically interested in maintaining corruption, impunity, fear, and defenselessness, which characterize the recent governments of the business, military, and criminal right, the No More Genocide Coalition- (in Spanish Coordinadora Genocidio Nunca Más -CGNM) [...]

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Statement: General Elections 2023

The Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) rejects and question the candidacy for the presidential elections of Zury Mayté Ríos Sosa, daughter of the deceased ex-dictator José Efraín Ríos Montt. THE ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION - AJR- COMMUNICATES TO THE PUBLIC OPINION Zury Ríos Sosa's participation as a [...]

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Statement: De Facto Amnesty

On June 9, Guatemala’s justice system granted substitute measures and house arrest to former high-rank military officials Benedicto Lucas García, Manuel Callejas y Callejas, and Francisco Luis Gordillo Martínez, who were sentenced in 2018 for their participation in the illegal detention, torture, and sexual assault of Emma Guadalupe Molina [...]

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