From the U.S. to Central America: Asylum, Deportations, and COVID-19
On June 10, we had the honor of coordinating a webinar “From the U.S. to Central America: Asylum, Deportations, and COVID-19″ featuring five panelists from Central America and the U.S. who are experts on migration and powerful movement leaders.
No safe third country agreements with Central America!
The agreements give the U.S. power to deport asylum-seekers to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador even if they are not from these countries. To stop these inhumane and illegal agreements, we need major people power. Join us!
Thank you Match donors and crowdfunders!
Thanks to 700+ donors, we raised $57,714, which -- thanks to a small group of generous donors who even sprung for a final $5K extension -- will be matched for a grand total of $112K+ to fund accompaniment, campaign coordination, grassroots education, and so much more. This was only possible with the support of our 22 crowdfunding teams. We love you.
The struggle continues: Reflections in times of COVID-19
Governments and neoliberal institutions have failed us. We know that those who are systematically oppressed by racism, transphobia, and classism will be the most impacted by this crisis. At the same time, these same communities, especially those who are disabled and chronically ill, are those from whom we have the most to learn in times of crisis.
Collaborate with NISGUA!
We are always looking for new people to bring their thoughts, ideas, and creative capacity to the work we do at NISGUA. We deeply value integrating a variety of skill-sets and viewpoints as a way to strengthen our work.
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