Statement for the defense of territory and food sovereignty

(ESPAÑOL ABAJO) We, representatives of the communities of La Costa Sur, Huehuetenango and the Indigenous Local Government of San Juan Cotzal, have convened in the Ixil territory of K’usal to share and exchange experiences of our wisdom for the defense of territory, reiterating our commitment to search for harmony [...]

10 years after her assassination we demand justice for Topacio Reynoso.

The Xinka people maintain a struggle to protect life, water and territory from deadly extractive megaprojects, including the Escobal mine. Their commitment to defend life against transnational corporations has cost them criminalization, injuries, and assassinations. Ten years after the murder of 16-year-old Topacio Reynoso Pacheco in the attack that [...]

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Militant international pronouncement, in solidarity with the sibling people of Palestine.

[ESPAÑOL ABAJO] By the Departmental Assembly of the Peoples of Huehuetenango The genocide that the Palestinian people are currently suffering under the irrational force of Israel is indifferent to the world powers, as if Palestinian citizens were not human beings and children of the same God. Palestinians are living [...]

A Win for Aguacatán, Huehuetenango: Publication of the Municipal Water Protection Agreement

On December 23, 2023, the community of Aguacatán, Huehuetenago celebrated the publication of a Municipal Water Protection Agreement in the Official Journal of Central America (Diario Oficial de Centroamérica). The Water Protection Agreement symbolizes the recognition of Indigenous people’s right to land and water in the Municipal Code, and [...]

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Statement of the permanent Assembly of Authorities of Indigenous People in Defense of democracy

THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE OF GUATEMALA FOR THESE 105 DAYS OF RESISTANCE We have completed 105 days of dignified and historic resistance in defense of democracy, with which we have demonstrated that the power of the people should not be underestimated. When all was thought lost, our organization [...]

5 Points to understand why the National Strike continues in Guatemala

"Let us walk hand in hand with the People" Since the last update we shared, the Indefinite National Strike initiated on October 2nd, led by the Ancestral Authorities of different Indigenous peoples throughout the country, and maintained by various sectors of the Guatemalan population, continues. The demand is firm: [...]

Demand Justice for Assassination of Xinka Leader Noé Gómez Barrera

Ilustration by Isa Villalón, Internacionalista 2019-2021 On Saturday October 28, 2023, Xinka community leader, 69-year old Noé Gómez Barrera was murdered in the department of Jutiapa, Guatemala. Mr. Noé, much loved and respected by the community, was member of the ancestral authorities of the Xinka Parliament of Guatemala, [...]

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The Permanent Assembly of Indigenous People and social organizations in defense of democracy declares to the people of Guatemala:

We, the Indigenous people, through our Ancestral Authorities, gathered in a permanent Assembly, together with organizations of Indigenous peoples, civil society, peasants, women, trade unions, students, working-class neighborhoods, settlement dwellers, united market workers, youth, urban organizations, academics and citizens who accompany us. We have met, we have dialogued, and [...]

10 Points to Understand the Political Crisis and National Strike in Guatemala

The crisis in Guatemala is not an isolated moment, it is a structural crisis It has been 17 days of the people of Guatemala expressing their rejection of public officials’ actions of corruption, impunity and perpetuation in power. Specifically, they have demanded the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo [...]

Assembly of Indigenous Authorities to the People of Guatemala and the International Community

We want to express our rejection of Consuelo Porras' request to dismiss the Minister of the Interior. Her persistence is of note to us, given the fact that the current situation in the country is a consequence of the Attorney General's stubbornness in not resigning, which confirms her coupist [...]

The Indigenous People and Ancestral Authorities to the People of Guatemala make known:

That after 12 days of peaceful demonstrations throughout the national territory, a meeting was held with the President of the Republic, Alejandro Giammattei, with the mediation of the Organization of American States (OAS), in which the demands of the people were presented. That the results of the first meeting [...]

Letter to the president from the Assembly of Authorities of People in resistence for the defense of democracy

Guatemala City, October 11, 2023 Mr. Alejandro Giammettei Falla The Office the President of the Republic Mr. President, With great indignation and disgust, through the media we have learned that a letter signed by yourself has been circulating in which you insist, just as you did on the national [...]

Statement by ancestral indigenous authorities

WE STRONGLY CONDEMN THE ACTS OF VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE! Regarding some acts of vandalism that occurred today, as indigenous authorities we inform the people of Guatemala, that for eight consecutive days we have conducted protests in a peaceful, orderly and respectful manner, allowing the passage of medical vehicles, ambulances, [...]

Press realease from the Assembly of the People of Huehuetenango

Before national and international public opinion, we make it known that: The ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLE OF HUEHUETENANGO IN DEFENSE OF TERRITORY AND FOR THE AUTONOMY AND FREE DETERMINATION OF THE PEOPLE (ADH) on this occasion categorically declare that we reject the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which [...]

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4th Municipal Water Protection Agreement – Municipality of Aguacatán

For years the Departmental Assembly of the People of Huehuetenango (ADH) has remained strong in the defense of the territory from different strategies, last June 21, 2023, the 4th Municipal Water Protection Agreement was signed, in which the alienable and imprescriptible character of the water resources of the municipality [...]

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Key points to understand the 2023 presidential elections in Guatemala

As part of our commitment to share accessible information created in dialogue with our Guatemalan partners, we share below some key points of the historical electoral process, which will culminate with the second round on August 20th. General context for understanding elections in Guatemala: "Pacto de [...]

Statement on the Results of the First Round of General Elections 2023

We reject the suspension of the certification of the results of the first round of the general elections. It is regrettable that political parties accused of crimes such as illicit electoral financing, money laundering, or drug trafficking attempt to disrupt the electoral process established in the Political Constitution of [...]

Accompanier perspectives: How do we struggle in these times?

Claire (they/them), former NISGUA Internacionalista, wrote this update during their time as a volunteer with NISGUA. Dear NISGUA family, Almost exactly one year after leaving staff, I’m honored to come back for a month as an accompanier. Frankly, it's a disturbing political scene to return to. You [...]

Accompanier perspectives: Other ways to value life: lessons of liberation and resistance across territories

Oli (they/them) former NISGUA internacionalista wrote this update during their time as a volunteer with NISGUA. Read and enjoy! Dear community, I am in Guatemala for my second stint as an accompanier. Some of the struggles I accompanied when I was here last in 2018-19 have been won, [...]

World Mother Earth Day Statement / Declaración del Día Mundial de la Madre Tierra

Political statement on the occasion of World Mother Earth Day Tq’ijlal Qtxu’ Tx’otx’. The Assembly of the Peoples of Huehuetenango -ADH in defense of the land, autonomy, and free determination of the people -ADH On April 22, 1970, the U.N. declared World Earth Day, and approximately 20 million people [...]

Statement of ACODET 15th Ordinary Assembly

THE ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT, DEFENSE OF THE LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES ACODET, IN ITS FIFTEENTH ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY BEFORE THE PUBLIC OPINION, WE DECLARE:  We, the indigenous and ancestral authorities of the different indigenous communities of Ixcán, Cobán and Uspantán that make up the Association of [...]

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Río Negro, Ixcan. Photo by NISGUA STATEMENT OF THE INTERCULTURAL SOCIAL MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE OF IXCÁN BEFORE PUBLIC OPINION Today, March 22, World Water Day, we express our great concerns about the national and municipal situation. The situation in the country is complicated for the Guatemalan population, [...]

The Assembly of the Peoples of Huehuetenango -ADH statemente: Rejection of initiative 6054

ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF HUEHUETENANGO IN DEFENSE OF THE TERRITORY, FOR THE AUTONOMY AND FREE DETERMINATION OF THE PEOPLES -ADH- STATEMENT The Assembly of the Peoples of Huehuetenango -ADH, hereby declares its rejection of initiative 6054; which puts at risk even more the fragile state institutions that protect [...]

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Compilation of news in the context of the violent eviction of Ancestral Authorities in Nebaj

By Feliciana Herrera The 48 cantons of Totonicapán give "full support" to the indigenous authorities of Nebaj. "The indigenous authorities of Nebaj managed to legally stop the eviction that the municipal mayor Geronimo Bernal Guzman intended to carry out, and have joined to support the 48 Cantons of Totonicapan, [...]

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Statement: Consultation of Neighbors in rejection of all mining activity in Asunciòn Mita, Jutiapa.

September 2022 ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF HUEHUETENANGO IN DEFENSE OF THE TERRITORY, FOR THE AUTONOMY AND SELF-DETERMINATION OF THE PEOPLES -ADH-. The Assembly of the Peoples of Huehuetenango -ADH, categorically rejects the imposition of the extractive model, which is expressed in mining, hydroelectric and other forms of exploitation [...]

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