We want to express our rejection of Consuelo Porras’ request to dismiss the Minister of the Interior. Her persistence is of note to us, given the fact that the current situation in the country is a consequence of the Attorney General’s stubbornness in not resigning, which confirms her coupist disposition.

It is unprecedented that she now uses the violation of Article 50 of the Injunction Law as an argument, when it is evident that she has violated this article on multiple occasions, as in the case of the injunction 3985-2023.

We appreciate that, so far, the Minister in question has shown respect for human rights and the freedom to demonstrate peacefully, as recognized in the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala.

These violent actions led by Consuelo Porras in the MP seem to be seeking to establish groups willing to repress the people who legitimately demand her resignation. This endangers the essence of our democracy and the respect for civil liberties and rights.

Furthermore, we call on the people of Guatemala to continue to raise their voices against the abuses and transgressions of this entity. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the country’s institutions act in the best interest of the people, respecting the law and democratic principles.

Iximulew, October 16, 2023.