John Sutton, presente!

John Sutton, tireless community leader for peoples’ liberation struggles, has left a void that is impossible to fill. His legacy, marked by his unwavering commitment to awareness and action for justice in Guatemala and beyond, will resonate throughout time.

John was much more than an activist; he was a friend, a mentor and a light of inspiration for all of us who had the privilege of knowing him. From NISGUA, we remember and honor his unique friendship, his gentleness and his contagious laughter. His deep reflection on the path to justice, his courage to speak frankly and his willingness to listen and learn continuously left an indelible mark on us.

We fondly remember the cornfield that flourished in his courtyard, a tangible symbol of his commitment to community and solidarity. His connection to the land and his deep love for their community were the solid foundation of his work with NISGUA for more than two decades.

As members of NISGUA, we consider ourselves grateful to have shared the journey with John. His generosity, kindness and enormous heart will continue to inspire and strengthen our actions in solidarity with the people of Guatemala.

John Sutton was not only a leader, but also a living example of long-term commitment and consistency. In a world where radical ideas often overshadow perseverance, he reminded us of the importance of standing firm in our convictions with kindness and consistency.

We will always be grateful for John Sutton’s life. His legacy will live on in our actions and in the cause for which he dedicated his life. John Sutton, present!

John Sutton. 2013. Photos courtesy: Chris Sutton