We have completed 105 days of dignified and historic resistance in defense of democracy, with which we have demonstrated that the power of the people should not be underestimated. When all was thought lost, our organization and coordination is succeeding in rescuing the little democracy we have left.

Throughout this process, our indigenous peoples are demonstrating that we are a fundamental actor in the direction of this country. We have a firm commitment to remain organized and continue to build unity with all sectors of the country, aware that we need to put an end to confrontation and reconcile as a country.

We are grateful for the difficult struggle that our authorities initiated during 2023. We know that they lived through moments of anguish, fear, frustration and fatigue, but they did not give up. We, the current authorities, reaffirm our commitment to continue their legacy and fulfill our commitments.

Thanks to all the Guatemalan women and men who in one way or another contributed their kernel of corn to the resistance, there are so many that it would be impossible to mention them one by one. Thanks to our brothers and sisters from Betania, from the neighborhoods and zones of Guatemala City, because they gave us back the hope that here it is also possible to organize and fight for the common good.

Thanks to the San Bonifaz Institute, Casa San Benito; CONAVIGUA, U’KUX B’E, to all the communities, organizations and individuals who have been present with us in front of the Public Ministry of Gerona, which the coup perpetrators have turned into a monument to corruption and impunity.

Let’s keep on fighting harder to transform this country until we attain the country we want and deserve.

Thank you grandmothers and grandfathers for your guidance, for giving us strength and wisdom!

Let’s all stand up together! And let no one be left behind!

Long live the dignified resistance of our Peoples!

Guatemala City, January 14 2024.