Regarding some acts of vandalism that occurred today, as indigenous authorities we inform the people of Guatemala, that for eight consecutive days we have conducted protests in a peaceful, orderly and respectful manner, allowing the passage of medical vehicles, ambulances, emergency and medical personnel, and people in vulnerable situations.

However, since last Tuesday, October 3 2023, Attorney General Consuelo Porras’ plans to criminalize our legitimate protests were revealed, staging provocations through the use of “shock groups”, such as the failed attempts by one shock group to intimidate and extort the honest vendors of the Terminal market, last October 4; or through hiring groups to carry out acts of vandalism designed to justify repressing the population.

It is striking that last night the Minister of the Interior, in his message to the nation, referred to the use of force against acts of vandalism, as if he knew that there might be one or more such acts today; and that early this morning, Attorney General Consuelo Porras, with total cynicism and mockery of the people of Guatemala, issued a similar message.

Therefore, WE STRONGLY CONDEMN ACTS OF VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE, which may be generated by groups supporting the Attorney General and the pact of the corrupt to try to criminalize our legitimate protest.

We ask the entire population who are exercising our sacred right to demonstrate, to identify these groups and request that the National Civil Police keep them in check.

Let us move forward, peacefully and with respect, and not allow the coup plotters to tarnish our struggle for the defense of democracy.

Guatemala October 9, 2023