As Families of disappeared persons detained in Guatemala, we express:

A resounding rejection to the grotesque and improper raid in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which reminds us of the worst moments of the dictatorships that resulted in more than 45,000 people detained and disappeared in Guatemala, and sends a threats of criminalization to hundreds of people who, legitimately, in accordance with the Electoral and Political Party Law -LEPP-, and of constitutional character, exercised citizen rights and provided a service in the electoral process, through electoral boards at the national level.

It taints and tramples on the decision of the people, who clearly and forcefully rejected corruption, impunity and abuse of power, in full exercise of their right to elect their rulers through the vote.

With great concern we identify these actions as unequivocally dictatorial and repressive regimes that declare the civilian population as an internal enemy.  They violate rights guaranteed in the Constitution and deliberately break the constitutional order.

We value and recognize the historical resistance of the people.We are joining the national strike and the multiple expressions of rejection and demand coup perpetrators  put a stop to the actions that they insist on carrying out, which perpetuate their impunity and enrichment through corruption.

The people of Guatemala have already decided and said NO to genocides, criminals, human rights violators, corrupt and unpunished.

Stop the coup, get corruption out of power! 

Guatemala, October 2, 2023.

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