Welcome to the April edition of our solidarity update! In this newsletter, we discuss developments in the Ixil Genocide case. Through witness and expert testimonies, we learn how this process, directed by the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR), is contributing to collective memory and to the search for justice for past crimes–crimes which linger on in the human body and in current society.

We’d also like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on internationalism, where activists from around Abya Yala will discuss the importance of trans-territorial solidarity in the struggle for human rights and social justice. We must continue to support leaders from the Xinka community and speak out to demand justice for Topacio Reynoso, murdered by agents of the massive Escobal mining operation  in 2014. Let’s learn how her legacy continues to inspire the struggle for justice in Guatemala and beyond.

Finally, don’t miss our special section about NISGUA’s most important fundraising event, “May Match 2024,” where solidarity and action come together to create change! 

Beginning March 25th, 2024, Guatemala City’s Highest Risk Court “A” began hearing arguments in the Ixil genocide case against ex-General Benedicto Lucas García for acts of genocide, forced disappearance, and crimes against humanity committed against the Ixil people.

Despite another attempt by Benedicto Lucas García’s lawyers to delay the start date, on April 5th, 2024, forensic experts and massacre survivors finally gave their testimony. So far ten testimonies have been heard. The goal of the testimonies is to obtain justice and to prevent atrocities like the Ixil genocide from happening again.

“I saw my house and my possessions burning, I didn’t hear about it from anybody else. I came here with my own thoughts. I am old now, and the authorities here can make justice happen.” 

Witness at a hearing, Ixil Genocide case

📸 Photo credit: NISGUA. Hearing room, Ixil Genocide case, Guatemala City, April, 2024. 

The trial will continue for the next several months. To stay up to date about what’s happening in the case, tune in to @fger/genocidioixil on Facebook to listen to the livestream of the hearing.

Don’t forget to take action and share messages of solidarity! Join the fight for justice for the Ixil People!

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“Imperialism has laid its body over the whole world… Wherever you strike it, you serve the world revolution.”

– Ghassan Kanafani

Internationalism has always been one of NISGUA’s political principles. Today, given the specific historical circumstances both Guatemala and the world are facing, we are convinced more than ever that internationalism is urgently needed for our collective struggles and for our survival.

As International Workers Day approaches, join us for an interactive panel discussion with four grassroots activists, artists, and academics about what internationalism is, why it matters, and how to put it into practice. Our panelists, though they come from different regions and have different experiences, are united by their relationship with NISGUA and their internationalist practice, wherever they may be. Each panelist will offer a brief reflection followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience. 

📆  April 30th, 2024

🕐 5:00pm-6:30pm PT / 6:00pm-7:30pm Guatemala / 8:00pm-9:30 pm ET

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10 years after her murder, we demand justice for Topacio Reynoso

We honor the life and legacy of young Xinka land defense activist Topacio Reynoso. She was murdered in 2014 because of her struggle against massive extractive projects like Escobal Mining, but her spirit of resistance lives on in the Xinka People.

We join the Reynoso family and the entire Xinka People in their calls for justice–justice not only for the murder but also for the criminalization, persecution, and exile of leaders from the territories of Santa Rosa, Jutiapa, and Jalapa.

YES to life, NO to mining

Topacio, ¡Presente!

Read the article about the 10th anniversary of Topacio Reynoso’s murder

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