Building connections across borders for gender justice: Psychologist Maudí Tzay (ECAP) to join NISGUA on tour this Fall

A major legal victory took place in Guatemala earlier this year, when for the first time, sexual slavery was successfully tried as a crime against humanity. A former Colonel and Military Commissioner were convicted for crimes against humanity for sexual violence and sexual and domestic slavery committed against Q’eqchí [...]

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Solidarity Update: May 2016

News recap: Final arguments heard to determine whether CREOMPAZ case will be sent to trial; More than 99% of participants vote ‘NO’ to resource extraction in Quesada municipal consultation; Guatemala’s highest court upholds suspension order for El Tambor Mine; Announcing our 2016 Fall tour: “Guatemalan Women Healing Toward Justice.” This [...]

Communities Rise Up: Report-back on NISGUA’s delegation to communities organized in resistance to Tahoe Resources

In the fall of 2015, Llan Carlos Dávila from the Diocesan Committee in Defense of Nature (CODIDENA) toured the U.S. to speak about CODIDENA’s efforts to stop the development and expansion of Tahoe Resources’ Escobal mine in southeastern Guatemala. Dávila spoke about popular education, grassroots action, and the organizing of [...]

Solidarity Update: April 2016

News recap: CREOMPAZ: Public Prosecutor presents evidence in the largest case of forced disappearance in Guatemala’s history; Closed-door genocide retrial moves to Ixil territory; Observer mission travels to Huehuetenango to document human rights violations in the context of hydroelectric projects; “Communities Rise Up” delegation builds connections across borders. This and more in this [...]

Today: Justice for Women

Español abajo.  Press Release Sepur Zarco Trial January 31, 2016 Today: Justice for Women For more than 30 years, women survivors of sexual violence, sexual slavery and domestic slavery from Sepur Zarco have waited for justice. On February 1, the trial will begin in the Sala de Vistas of the [...]

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“Tahoe On Trial” speaking tour strengthens solidarity between communities standing up against Tahoe Resources

NISGUA's 2015 speaking tour "Tahoe On Trial: Guatemalan Communities Rise up to Defend Land and Life" set out to raise awareness about Tahoe Resources, a joint US-Canadian silver mining company, and its contribution to human rights violations around its Escobal silver project in southeastern Guatemala. We were joined by the [...]

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Tahoe Resources kicks out peaceful protesters from Reno offices during the launch of the 2015 Tahoe on Trial speaking tour

Criminalizing protest and free speech across borders NISGUA’s Tahoe on Trial speaking tour kicked off yesterday by going right to the U.S. source - Tahoe’s U.S. headquarters in Reno, Nevada. We were honored to join local indigenous leaders and activists organized with the Nevada Progressive Leadership Alliance (PLAN Nevada) [...]

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Three things you can do to halt Tahoe Resources’ expansion in Guatemala!

For the past five years, communities impacted by Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine in southeastern Guatemala have stood up to peacefully defend their lands and livelihoods. The Diocesan Committee in the Defense of Nature (CODIDENA) has led this movement – organizing and carrying out community referenda in which more than [...]

Something big was missing from Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources’ shareholder meetings: the voices of communities impacted by their mines

On April 30th and May 8th respectively, Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources held their Annual General Meetings (AGM) in Canada to discuss their FY2014 accomplishments and future expansion plans at their mine sites in Guatemala. What was missing, however, were the many voices of those impacted by Goldcorp and Tahoe's [...]

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Reflections on the “Rivers for Life: Cultural Resistance to the Xalalá Dam” fall speaking tour

Tour speaker, Víctor Caal Tzuy, shows NISGUA's Rivers for Life solidarity banner to ACODET members from Las Margaritas Copón. The goals for the 2014 NISGUA speaking tour were much like those which have guided us during our 33 years as a human rights, solidarity organization: amplify Guatemalan voices and [...]

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The Q’eqchi’ and the Duwamish

This article was originally published in Spanish, online at By Alejandro Echeverría October 13, 2014 Indigenous leaders Víctor Caal Tzuy and Ken Workman Ken Workman is a Seattle native who despite his tall stature, has characteristics that evoke his famous 19th century ancestor - the indigenous Chief of [...]

NISGUA Fall Tour 2014

FULL ITINERARY: SEATTLE, WA.; OCTOBER 2-6 Area Contact Phil Neff: OCTOBER 2 Seattle University, 1:30-2:30pm 901 12th Avenue Bannan Building, Room 102 Seattle, WA 98122 Traditions Fair Trade Café; 7-8:30pm $5-15 Sliding Donation 300 5th Avenue SW Olympia, WA 98501 OCTOBER 3 Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center, 5:00pm [...]

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‘On the Road for Justice’ Speaking Tour to Bring Attention to Guatemala Mining Conflict, Need for Remedy in Canada

(Ottawa) How is it that when community leaders wrongfully targeted in the wake of violence connected with Tahoe Resources’ Escobal silver mine in Guatemala they spend months in jail, while the company’s former head of security, accused of ordering guards to open fire on protesters last April, is first given [...]

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NISGUA leads delegation with UUCA to Guatemala

UUCA delegates gather with NISGUA staff in Antigua. All photos: David McTaggart This past December, NISGUA organized and hosted a ten-day delegation with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington (UUCA), home to NISGUA Sponsoring Community, Partners for Arlington and Guatemala (PAG). 
Twelve members of the UUCA congregation formed the [...]

“Justice for genocide: A survivor’s story” 2013 tour accomplishments

In October 2013, NISGUA and the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) traveled the greater United States to share a story of determination and resilience: a 13-year journey that finally brought former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt to trial for genocide in Guatemala. Through international human rights accompaniment, NISGUA has [...]

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NISGUA receives 2013 Global Justice and Peace Award

On Saturday, November 16, the Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) presented NISGUA with their annual Global Justice and Peace Award. DJPC, a longtime supporter of NISGUA’s Guatemala Accompaniment Project, recognized NISGUA's organizational achievements and commitment to justice. We were honored to have AJR President Anselmo Roldán join us [...]

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“Justice for genocide: A survivor’s story” visits Laramie, Denver and the Bay Area

The "Justice for genocide: A survivor's story" fall speaking tour left Wisconsin on November 13 to embark on the final stops of the tour: Laramie, WY; Denver, CO; and the Bay Area, CA. The Wyoming Guatemala Accompaniment Project (WYGap) welcomed tour speaker, Association for Justice and Reconciliation President Anselmo [...]

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“Justice for genocide: A survivor’s story” visits the Midwest

“We are here in the United States asking for your solidarity. Borders divide us, but justice is a fundamental pillar of democracy” -Anselmo Roldán to the international community From November 7-11, NISGUA visited six Midwestern cities with Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) president Anselmo Roldán.  The Midwest leg [...]

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“Justice for genocide: A survivor’s story” DC & Tucson tour stops

On October 30, NISGUA began our tour with Association for Justice and Reconciliation president, Anselmo Roldán Aguilar. After a day of meeting with key state and congressional representatives, Anselmo gave his first presentation at the Unitarian Unitarian Church of Arlington. The event, hosted by Partners for Arlington and Guatemala, [...]

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Declaration from the V Gathering of the Latin American Network against Dams and for Rivers, Communities and Water (REDLAR)

Last week, NISGUA had the honor of participating in the fifth gathering of the Latin American Network against Dams and for Rivers, Communities and Water. Before arriving at the meeting site in Retalteco, Petén, NISGUA staff accompanied an 18 person international delegation visit to communities in the Ixcán region [...]

Justice for Genocide campaign: Presentation to the AJR

This past spring, thousands of you participated in our international "Justice for Genocide" photo and pledge campaign in support of the brave survivors of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR). NISGUA staff recently shared your photos and messages with the members of the AJR during their national assembly, [...]

Mobilizing for Goldcorp’s 2012 Meeting of Shareholders

NISGUA, in coalition with our Guatemalan and international partners, prepared  actions, events and materials for Goldcorp's Annual General Meeting of shareholders held on April 26, 2012 in northern Ontario.  Alfonso Jiménez Morales participated in events as a representative of the Departmental Assembly of Huehuetenango (ADH), which some of you will remember [...]

NISGUA Spring 2011 Tour, Mining and Violence in Guatemala: Indigenous Women Resist

NISGUA's Spring 2011 tour on the East Coast featured speaker Victoria Cumes, of the Tz'ununija' Indigenous Women's Movement.  Victoria spoke on mining and violence in Guatemala, emphasizing the unique ways in which women are impacted by large-scale development projects.  A network of NISGUA activists hosted thirty-seven events in over [...]

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NISGUA Tour Underway! 2011 Itinerary

Listado de actividades en espanol.Our most recently updated itinerary can be found on our website MINING AND VIOLENCE IN GUATEMALA: INDIGENOUS WOMEN RESIST2011 Speaking Tour with Tz’ununija’ Indigenous Women’s MovementMarch 28 - April 14, 2011NEW YORK CITY AND NEW JERSEY: MARCH 28-31March 28, Monday11:30am: Lunch with Community Friends in [...]

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NISGUA 2010 Tour, Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO/NUEVO MÉXICO, FEBRUARY/FEBRERO 11-13"Portables" at the Native American Community School"It makes you feel bad," said Pascual, "That they have to study there.""Portátiles" en la Escuela Comunitario para Americanos Nativos"Da lástima," dijo Pascual, "que se tienen que estudiar allí."

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NISGUA 2010 Tour, Tucson

TUCSON, ARIZONA, FEBRUARY/FEBRERO 14-15Meeting with Tierra y Libertad Organización youth leadersWatching clip from "Business of Gold" documentaryReunión con Organización Tierra y Libertad líderes de la juventudViendo corte del documental "Negocio del Oro"Leaders from South America, all the first of their communities to go to university.Líderes de suramérica, tod@s los primeros [...]

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NISGUA 2010 Tour, Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY/FEBRERO 16-19CARECEN Labor Center"If there is mining in Guatemala and deportations in the US,then where does that leave us?"A group of Mexican, Central American and West African day laborers waiting for jobs streetside in Los Angeles, came to the center for the free food and presentation. After [...]

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NISGUA 2010 Tour, Bay Area, California

SACRAMENTO/SAN FRANCISCO/OAKLAND, CALIFORNIAFEBRUARY/FEBRERO 20-26Sacramento PresentationPresentación SacramentoPresentation with POWER (People Organizing to Win Economic Rights) NISGUA Executive Director Luz Guerra seated leftSunrise Restaurant, Mission District, San FranciscoPanel on Mining with Pascual, CISPES, Flavio Santi (Ecuador) and NISGUAFrom left, Bridget, co-presenter Flavio Santi (Quechua/Shuar indigenous leader),Pascual and Luz Guerra, NISGUA Executive DirectorDesde [...]

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NISGUA 2010 Tour, Portland, Oregon

PORTLAND/EUGENE, OREGON FEBRUARY/FEBRERO 26-28Portland Central America Solidarity Committee/PCASC eventat Musician's Union HallMarco Mejía, Moderator and Pascual presentingPhoto by/Foto por: Douglas Yarrow Portland Comité de Solidaridad con Centroamerica (PCASC) eventoen Salón del Sindicato de MúsicosMarco Mejía, moderador y Pascual presentandoMt. Hood Community College Ethnic DancersPhoto by/Foto por: Douglas Yarrow Bailadores Étnicas [...]

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NISGUA 2010 Tour, Seattle, Washington

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, MARCH/MARZO 1-5Having some tourist fun with one of our most committed activists,Kaaren Johnson from Unitarian Universalist Central America Network/UUCANDivirtiendonos como turistas con una de nuestras activistas más comprometidas, Kaaren Johnson de la Red Uniteria Universalista con Centroamérica/UUCANOlympia, WashingtonPresentation at Evergreen CollegeOlympia, Washington Presentación en Universidad EvergreenA typical day [...]

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Leaving Tucson, flying to L.A.

Great few days in Tucson, where we had the opportunity to see several former accompaniers, meet Guatemalans in the area and make new connections. Upon arrival we headed straight to a meeting with youth from the Tierra y Libertad Organization (TYLO). The conversation was animated with the group of university [...]

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