The Guatemala Education and Action Project (GEAP) hosted NISGUA and the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) on our third tour stop in Los Angeles. GEAP’s events included a press conference, community event and a number of college speaking opportunities for AJR president Anselmo Roldán.
Anselmo receives a plaque by a local Guatemalan in Los Angeles.
Posters calling for justice accompany Anselmo’s
presentation at a community event.
NISGUA staffer Ellen Moore supports Anselmo with interpretation.
Nearly 100 local activists and community members greeted and listened to Anselmo at the Los Angeles community-wide event. Groups in attendance included Mujeres Abriendo Caminos, Centro Colectivo de Centro America in Los Angeles, the Maya Center, AGUA, MayaVision, Local 721 SEIU, SOAWatch LA. The event was high energy, with many local Guatemalan Americans in attendance. After Anselmo’s presentation, guests enjoyed marimba, dancing, a silent auction and tamales!
Anselmo is welcomed by local Guatemalans and LA activists.
Local Guatemalans who were forced to leave Guatemala due to violence joined the AJR to demand justice for genocide. They participated in our postcard campaign to send messages demonstrating their support for the survivor’s organization and the historic genocide sentence back to Guatemala:

En solidaridad con las mujeres y hombres en lucha y justicia para Guatemala. No desmayan – Mujeres Abriendo Caminos

No hay lugar en este mundo, en estos días para estos criminales

Soy guatemalteco, migrante en Los Ángeles. Veo la Verdad, veo que mi pueblo necesita paz verdadera. La verdad es que hubo genocidio y los culpables deben pagar.

Porque yo soy primo, sobrino y hijo de los victimas de la Guerra en Guatemala. Todos los días pienso en una Guatemala en paz. Animo compañeros.

It is time for truth. We want justice.

It is unjust and unfair but your courage is inspiring.

Yo apoyo y los doy fuerza para que enseñen al mundo la democracia

Porque el pueblo indígena de Guatemala merece respeto. Las mejores vibras, aplausos y fuerza en su búsqueda de justicia. Estamos con ustedes.

Yo apoyo que la sentencia se mantenga para hacer valer la memoria de las personas que fueron masacradas.

Youth help raise money for the AJR at the LA community event.
A lunch colloquium at Pomona College brought together students and faculty to listen to Anselmo’s story. Later that same day, Anselmo presented to a class on Central American politics at California State University – Northridge. Students from both Pomona College and CSUN engaged with great questions for Anselmo and enthusiastically responded to our postcard campaign with messages of why they support the genocide sentence:

Mis bisabuelos sobrevivieron un genocidio en Armenia que no está reconocido por todo el mundo. Entiendo que todas las victimas de crímenes contra la humanidad merecen justicia.

The people of Guatemala deserve a justice system that they can rely on to protect their rights.

Representa la esperanza de un Pueblo por la lucha por la justicia.

Justice needs to be served for the ones who died, the ones who suffered and the ones who were silenced.

I believe in a democratic government and this means that the government must protect the citizen’s rights.

My parents are from Guatemala. This is the first time I have heard of this and I will now support this case to the end. Justice must be done.

A nation cannot prosper if it oppresses its own people. For this and many more reasons, I support the genocide sentence.

The faith of the AJR is inspiring. I wish you the best of luck, strength and patience with this journey. Support from Cal State Northridge!

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