On Saturday, November 16, the Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) presented NISGUA with their annual Global Justice and Peace Award. DJPC, a longtime supporter of NISGUA’s Guatemala Accompaniment Project, recognized NISGUA’s organizational achievements and commitment to justice.
We were honored to have AJR President Anselmo Roldán join us at the awards ceremony. His presence represented the strong and important relationships that lead and shape NISGUA’s work on the ground in Guatemala.
Thank you DPJC for this generous award and the opportunity to connect with such an incredible and warm community of activists, former accompaniers and supporters!
Please enjoy the selection of photos below from the awards night in Denver, thanks to former NISGUA staffer Graham Hunt.
AJR president Anselmo Roldán and NISGUA Programs Coordinator
Ellen Moore observe the ceremony.
DJPC presents former NISGUA accompanier with the Member of the Year Award.
NISGUA Operations Coordinator Megan Whelan
receives the Global Justice and Peace Award on behalf of NISGUA.
Former NISGUA accompanier Brad Lawton addresses the crowd.
AJR president Anselmo Roldán speaks to DJPC.