Is your struggle to defend life, territory and community? Do you make art to help us dream of another possible world? Do you write to analyze and imagine justice and resistance? Are you guided by love for your people, for the water, the air, the land? Then we invite you to apply to the Trans-Territorial Table, which is open to community organizers or activists, artists, and members of grassroots organizations.

The Trans-Territorial Table is a project that provides financial support and a virtual space to build relationships between community organizers, activists, artists and members of community organizations to contribute to the joint struggle of the organized Guatemalan diaspora in the US and grassroots organizations in Guatemala.

The goal of the virtual space is for organizers, activists, artists and members of community organizations to exchange knowledge of their resistance, projects, challenges, strategies and more, to strengthen their struggles.

The purpose of the economic support is for organizers, activists, artists and members of community organizations to use this stipend for a specific activity or project that strengthens their struggles.

“The solidarity initiative of linking organizations in the Trans-Territorial Table has been highly important to promote learning, cooperation, communication and organization in the strengthening of cross-border political and social strengths.”

Magda, Guatemaya L.A.: Mujeres Resistiendo (2022 participant)

Guidelines to apply:

To participate in the Trans-Territorial Table, interested persons must:

  1. Fill out the following application form
  2. In a Word or PDF document, present your proposal in a maximum of two pages with the following information:
    • Title of the project
    • Proposal where the following questions are answered:
      • What is my project?
      • Why is this project important to me or my community?
      • How does it contribute to the struggles of my community or territory?
      • What social, political or cultural issues does my project address
    • Timeline of the project starting in August and ending in November (4 months)
    • Intellectual and material authors.
    • Budget request between $500 and $1000 dollars
      • Briefly include how it will be used in relation to the project.
      • Include an exact number
    • The project can be submitted in any language (Maya Mam, Canjobal, Garifuna, Spanish, English, etc.).
  3. The period for submitting proposals is from now to July 28th of this year.
  4. If you have any questions or comments, please write to:

Activities of the Trans-Territorial Table:

The people accepted into this space commit to the following:

  1. Receive economic support from $500 to $1000 to develop their proposal.
  2. Participate in 4 collective virtual meetings, organized and convened by NISGUA at the end of each month where there will be exchanges about the participants’ projects, struggles and knowledges.
  3. Participate in 1 individual virtual meeting with NISGUA organizers to coordinate access needs, requests and logistical support.
  4. Present the results of your project publicly in a virtual event at the end of the year with assistance from the NISGUA base.

* Transparency notice: NISGUA will not ask to have authorship of the projects or to be included as co-authors. We will only ask for permission to be able to share the project on our virtual platforms.