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Justice and Accountability

Supporting survivors who seek justice for crimes committed during the Internal Armed Conflict

Our Justice & Accountability program provides important information to our grassroots network on groundbreaking human rights cases and the ongoing struggle to end impunity for crimes against humanity and genocide. We provide strategic analysis to our network, framing present-day struggles in Guatemala within a context of historic and ongoing U.S. imperialism. We respond to survivors’ calls for physical accompaniment and advocacy support as they pursue legal cases, historical memory processes, and community healing.


Since the singing of the Peace Accords in 1996, Guatemalan individuals and organizations have courageously sought justice. The U.S. government provided financial support and training to the Guatemalan military, responsible for the egregious human rights violations that occurred during 36 years of Internal Armed Conflict. According to the UN Historical Clarification Commission, over 200,000 people were killed and an additional 45,000 forcibly disappeared by state forces.

With creativity and bravery, survivors work daily to defend and restore collective memory of the genocide. They aim to guarantee that genocide is never repeated, while taking on the unfinished liberatory work of those who were taken by state violence.


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13March, 2021

Petition: Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights in Migration

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SIGN THE PETITION TODAY REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR Indigenous peoples of Abiayala (the Americas, in colonial terms) continue to face the destructive results of ongoing Doctrine of Discovery-based colonialism: imposed [...]

26February, 2021

February Solidarity Update: ACAs suspended, updates from our partners, and a new volunteer opportunity!

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These past few months have been full of challenges, victories, and continued perseverance. Continue reading below to join us in celebrating our wins, take action with us, and learn about the continued fight for [...]

22January, 2021

#LaPazEsNuestroDerecho / #PeaceIsOurRight

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Since Giammattei announced a series of decrees closing several institutions created to comply with the Peace Accords signed by the Guatemalan State in 1996, we have been echoing the demands of our Guatemalan partners [...]

29December, 2020

Statement: 24 Years After the signing of the Peace Agreements

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"What is the institutional framework of peace in Guatemala? They are institutions that ensure that the State respects the Peace Accords and provides dignified reparation to the people who suffered crimes against humanity committed [...]