Project Description

Remembering the future:

Where we come from and where we’re going

Times are changing. Crises multiply across the world, including in Guatemala, and so are resistance movements that challenge violent systems and create alternatives. This year, Guatemala faced the illegal and corrupt repression of political parties, an ongoing national strike led by Indigenous Peoples, and much more. While this crisis caught the world’s attention, NISGUA’s partners continue to lead struggles that come from long before and will long outlast this moment. The same can be said for NISGUA’s solidarity with them. The last 6 months prove once again that Guatemala can’t just rely on the state or political parties. We need strong grassroots networks to continue growing in order to outlive single moments in our long struggle for justice, dignity, memory and life. For these reasons this brief report will look back and look forward, both for NISGUA and Guatemala. Times are changing, and our memory is a light on the path towards the future.

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Photo by NISGUA. August 30th, 2023. Guatemala City. International Day of the Victims of Forced Dissapearence.