Project Description

Reflecting on genocide 10 years after Ríos Montt’s conviction

The Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) and the Center for Legal Action and Human Rights (CALDH) continue resisting political impunity and national forgetting of past war crimes. In other words, they continue their work for justice and truth. In this report you’ll find information about these and other partners and their efforts, such as ongoing cases against former presidents; events to preserve collective memory; actions to defend territories against corporate exploitation of land; and what some Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island (North America) teach about genocide.

* Note of Correction: In this report NISGUA mentions the struggle to stop Line 3 pipeline that “would destroy ecologies and communities.” A comrade who participated in this struggle brought to our attention that Line 3 has, in fact, been fully built as of fall 2021, but that there are still people monitoring the line for environmental impacts and others writing an anthology of stories of the struggle. We apologize for the confusion.

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The Caravan of Memory and Justice at the central park of Chajul: they recalled the 1982 coup d’état, massacres, and genocide committed by the army in the communities. May 10th, 2023. Nebaj. Photo by: NISGUA