In Defense of Land

In defense of land: Environmental defenders on the frontlines of the global struggle for community self-determination and respect for the Earth The Earth is in the midst of an unprecedented ecological crisis, the [...]

Urgent Action: Human Rights and Land Defender Shot Dead in Peaceful Protest

Urgent Action! Human rights and land defender shot dead in peaceful protest Guatemalan human rights and land defender, Sebastián Alonso Juan, was murdered on January 17, 2017 during a peaceful protest against the [...]

2016 Accomplishments

2016 Accomplishments Our work this year focused on the connections between movements for indigenous rights and community self-determination, struggles against military and police violence, and grassroots efforts to protect land. NISGUA has long worked [...]

Freed political prisoners return home to Huehuetenango

Solidarity Update: August 26, 2016 Justice and Accountability CREOMPAZ: Constitutional Court challenges congressional immunity for Congressman Edgar Ovalle National and international human rights defenders threatened as transitional justice advances Defense of Life and [...]

No to the militarization of communities and borders. Yes to self-determination!


No to militarization of communities and borders. Yes to community self-determination! As the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA), we believe that all of us have shared stakes with the [...]

Trial continues for seven political prisoners from Huehuetenango

Solidarity Update: July 21, 2016  Justice and Accountability Psychologist Maudí Tzay joins NISGUA this fall on tour in the United States Eight former military to stand trial for charges in the CREOMPAZ case [...]

CREOMPAZ: The biggest case of forced disappearance in Latin America

CREOMPAZ: The largest case of forced disappearance in Latin America On January 6, 2016, 14 former military officers were arrested on charges of forced disappearance and crimes against humanity based on evidence uncovered [...]

Communities continue to stand up against resource extraction in their territories

Solidarity Update: May 27, 2016 Justice & Accountability Final arguments heard to determine whether CREOMPAZ case will be sent to trial Defense of Life & Territory More than 99% of participants vote ‘NO’ [...]

House Parties

Gather your community and hold a house party! February 28, 2016 marked a big step forward for justice in Guatemala when a verdict was reached in the Sepur Zarco trial. For the first time [...]

Evidence presented in hopes of sending the CREOMPAZ case to trial

Solidarity Update: May 4, 2016 Justice & Accountability CREOMPAZ: Public Prosecutor presents evidence in the largest case of forced disappearance in Guatemala’s history Closed-door genocide retrial moves to Ixil territory Newly-released military documents [...]

Sepur Zarco: first-ever conviction for sexual and domestic slavery

Sepur Zarco: Q’eqchi’ women set a precedent in Guatemala with first-ever conviction for sexual and domestic slavery In 2012, Doña Mariana*, along with 14 other women, testified to having survived sexual and domestic [...]

Visit Guatemala on a Delegation

Visit Guatemala on a Delegation with NISGUA! Every year, NISGUA supporters have the chance to visit Guatemalan communities and organizations that seek justice & accountability, an end to impunity, and stand in defense [...]