Project Description

Flyer commemorating the first national conference of solidarity with the people of Guatemala. Text reads: En la lucha de los pueblos centroamericanos está en juego el futuro de América Latina. Washington DC Aug. 2-3 1980. A draw of a quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala laying on a hand who barely liberate from its chains.

40 Years of Solidarity!

2021 is NISGUA’s 40th anniversary! To honor the ongoing struggle of the people of Guatemala and the solidarity movement, we invite you to walk with us through four decades of solidarity. 

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Image to the left: after a founding conference in 1980, existing organized communities formed the NISGUA  national network to increase their political leverage and focus their advocacy potential through joint campaigns. 

Poster courtesy of Lincoln Cushing / Docs Populi & Todd Kolze / Guatemala News and Information Bureau (GNIB)