Project Description

Encuentro Trans-Territorial:

“Never Again an Isolated Struggle”

[ENG] In a room, there are people gathering sitting in chairs in a circle at the bottom of the room a white banner with black letter than said: "Encuentro Trans-Territorial" [ESP] En una sala, hay personas reunidas sentadas en sillas formando un circulo al fondo de la sala una pancarta blanca con letra negra que dice: "Encuentro Trans-Territorial"

Photo by: NISGUA

NISGUA’s desire to organize an Encuentro Trans-Territorial (Trans- Territorial Gathering) has been germinating for years. The dream was to gather NISGUA’s partners across multiple territories and struggles in one place to exchange knowledge, build intentional alliances, and share strategies of resistance.

In the midst of an intensifying political context, election season, and the immense fatigue of surviving multiple forms of state and capitalist violence, the Encuentro was also a sacred space to reconnect with our memories, our genealogies of struggle, and with old and new comrades.

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