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The U.S. has a long history of intervention in Guatemala, which includes a coup, support of military dictatorships, massacres, and violent resource extraction. We partner with Guatemalans who defend their land and fight for justice for crimes against humanity. By sharing their stories with U.S. audiences, they increase awareness and inspire grassroots action, illuminating the many ways in which our two countries and the world are connected through histories of resistance.

By prioritizing engagement with communities who are similarly impacted by and struggling to transform structures of oppression, we help create opportunities for frontline activists to share strategies of resistance and resilience. Our U.S. programs work has connected Indigenous communities in resistance against mega-projects, feminist organizations working to end gender-based violence, and youth using art and activism to promote social and environmental justice, among others.

We increase the impact and reach of our work by organizing people to form part of a rapid response network, ready to respond to requests for action when they arise, connect our partners’ struggles with local organizing, and strengthen networks through in-person gatherings and grassroots fundraising.

The group gathers to reflect and dream together in the cloud forest.

Our 2019 delegation of Indigenous students from New Mexico State University (NMSU) gathers in the cloud forest to reflect and plan solidarity actions moving forward.

NISGUA Statements

Racial justice is essential to solidarity work and we must work towards liberation in our solidarity movements.

Read our full statement on racial justice.

Trump’s election and our commitment to internationalism: Solidarity with Guatemalan social movements is an essential component of our social justice strategy here in the U.S.

Read our full statement on Trump’s election.

NISGUA stands in solidarity with all struggles defending the life, dignity, and safety of Black people worldwide.

Read our full statement on Black Lives Matter.

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