More than a tragic accident: Guatemalan organizations denounce the fire that killed 40 teenage girls at a state-run home

On International Women’s Day, March 8, a fire was set at a state home for children and youth in Guatemala, immediately killing 19 girls. Since then, at least another 21 have died as a result of their injuries and many more continue to be hospitalized. Survivors have recounted that on March 7, several youth broke out of the Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Assunsión (Safe Home) in an attempt to escape the abusive conditions inside. Reports of extreme sexual violence, [...]

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Report: Beyond the verdict – The importance of comprehensive reparations for the women of Sepur Zarco

"This experience will be a legacy for new generations, showing that even war has limits. It is a clear message that confirms the commitment that justice and society have to human rights, to promote a much longed-for peace, and allows us as a society to advance, together with the women, in order to affirm their lives and build a more dignified society. It is essential that we know our history in order to not repeat it. More than anything because [...]

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One year after the emblematic verdict in the Sepur Zarco trial, the struggle for dignified reparations continues

Yesterday marked one year since former members of the Guatemalan military were found guilty for crimes against humanity committed at a military base in the eastern community of Sepur Zarco. At great personal risk, 15 Q’eqchi' women gave preliminary testimonies in 2012 where they documented in detail the violence they survived at the hands of the military in the 1980s. Those testimonies, together with other expert witnesses and documentary evidence led to a verdict on February 26, 2016 that convicted former Military [...]

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Protect Sacred Sites – Support NISGUA local action!

NISGUA is committed to taking leadership from and acting in solidarity with indigenous peoples in Guatemala and globally. With our U.S. office based in Oakland, CA, we are also committed to taking local action alongside the Chechenyo Ohlone peoples upon whose lands we are guests. A 5,000-year-old Ohlone Shellmound and Village Sacred Site is threatened by a proposed development project in Berkeley, CA, which is currently in the phase of seeking approval for their Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). As [...]

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More attempts made to suspend Las Lajitas license

  On January 24, residents from the municipalities of Casillas and San Rafael las Flores filled the courtroom to hear arguments in a civil suit against the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) that seeks the cancellation of a mining concession in their communities. Casillas resident Bernabé Rivas appealed to the court, expressing concern and frustration that community opposition to mining has been ignored. The communities have filed a complaint against the Ministry for having granted the concession despite the [...]

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Accompanier Perspectives: Ixil

While international accompaniment is at its core a response to the requests of Guatemalan communities and a tool for the protection of human rights, it is also a radical practice of showing up in solidarity and grappling with the deeper questions of structural injustice. Current accompanier Chris Shorne shares a poignant reflection from the Ixil region and highlights the disturbing parallels between the war crimes committed against the Guatemalan Ixil civilian population and actions by the Trump administration. This is particularly [...]

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Júbilo de organizaciones internacionales ante avance que sienta precedente de demanda civil contra Tahoe Resources en Canadá por violencia en Guatemala

30 de enero de 2017 (Guatemala/Montreal/Ottawa/Reno/Tatamagouche/Toronto/Washington, DC) Organizaciones de la sociedad civil canadienses y estadounidenses reciben con entusiasmo la decisión del Tribunal de Apelaciones de Columbia Británica que Vancouver constituye el foro más adecuado para conocer una demanda civil contra Tahoe Resources por violencia hacia manifestantes pacíficos en contra de su mina de plata en Guatemala. La decisión fue anunciada la semana pasada y permite el avance de la demanda por negligencia y agresión física que interpusieron los siete guatemaltecos [...]

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International organizations celebrate precedent-setting step toward justice in civil suit against Tahoe Resources in Canada for violence in Guatemala

January 27, 2017 (Guatemala/ Montreal/Ottawa/Reno/Tatamagouche/Toronto/Washington, DC) Canadian and US civil society organizations wholeheartedly welcome a British Columbia Court of Appeals’ decision that Vancouver is the preferred forum for a civil suit to be heard against Tahoe Resources concerning violence against peaceful opposition to its silver mine in Guatemala. Announced yesterday, the decision opens the door for seven Guatemalan men, shot and injured in 2013 while peacefully protesting the Canadian company’s Escobal silver project, to proceed toward trial in their suit [...]

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La elección de Donald Trump y nuestro compromiso al internacionalismo

Click here for the statement in English. Querida familia de NISGUA, Frente a la elección de Donald Trump a la presidencia de los Estados Unidos, nosotros, como muchos de ustedes, hemos sentido el choque, duelo y rabia. Sentimos temor por el futuro de nuestras comunidades, por la seguridad de nuestrxs vecinxs, y por el impacto que la próxima época tendrá en las comunidades del sur, por quienes han luchado durante siglos por la autodeterminación, justicia, y dignidad. Mientras analizamos las [...]

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Ante la represión en contra de las comunidades defensoras de los derechos de las comunidades que integran la Micro Región de Ixquisis, San Mateo Ixtatán, Huehuetenango

  Hoy, 17 de enero de 2017, las comunidades de la Micro Región de Ixquisis, de San Mateo Ixtatán, Huehuetenango, que defienden los derechos humanos, su territorio, la vida y los bienes naturales, realizaron una movilización pacífica para, nuevamente, expresar su rechazo y desacuerdo con la construcción de los proyectos hidroeléctricos propiedad de la empresa Promoción y Desarrollos Hídricos, Sociedad Anónima (PDH, S.A). Meses antes de esta movilización, las comunidades realizaron diferentes gestiones ante las autoridades municipales, departamentales y nacionales [...]

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