La Resistencia a las Represas Hidroeléctricas en Guatemala: Una Cuestión de Vida y Muerte

Foto: Nómada El siguiente artículo fue escrito por Zia Kandler y publicado en inglés en la revista electrónica, Upside Down World. Fue traducida a español por la autora y publicado aquí con permiso de la autora y Upside Down World. Zia Kandler era testigo presencial de este conflicto durante 10 meses en su labor como observadora internacional de derechos humanos con la Red en Solidaridad con el Pueblo de Guatemala (NISGUA, por sus siglas en inglés). El defensor de derechos humanos, [...]

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NISGUA’s 2017 tour speaking tour brings together youth organizers in defense of life

NISGUA partnered with Jalapa-based youth organization, Youth Organized in Defense of Life (JODVID), for a 16-day U.S. speaking tour, “Guatemalan Youth in Defense of Land and Life.” Together we helped raise awareness about the community and youth forces that have organized in resistance to Tahoe Resources' Escobal silver mine in southeastern Guatemala and the human rights abuses that surround the project. As a representative of the youth movement in resistance to mining in the Santa Rosa and Jalapa regions, Alex shared stories [...]

Accompanier Perspectives: From Huehuetenango to Omaha, NE

NISGUA accompanier Caya Simonsen worked for 6 months as an accompanier in Huehuetenango and shares her experience visiting the transnational community of the Maya Q'anjob'al Nation in both Guatemala and her hometown of Omaha, NE. Through its Guatemala Accompaniment Project (GAP), NISGUA provides accompaniment through ACOGUATE to Guatemalan human rights defenders who are threatened for their work denouncing impunity, advancing social justice and defending life and territory. The monitoring and reporting done by our accompaniers serves to alert the international community to [...]

Give Senator Heller the facts he badly needs about Tahoe Resources

In August, Nevada Senator Dean Heller wrote to the U.S. State Department to lobby for Tahoe Resources, a Canadian company headquartered in Reno. At the time, Tahoe’s operating license for its flagship Escobal mine in Guatemala had been suspended by Guatemala’s highest court over failure to consult with the Xinca Indigenous people. Almost immediately, Tahoe’s stock dropped 40% as investors dumped their shares. But the court decision was not the first rumbling of problems at Escobal. For over 7 years, [...]

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Peaceful Resistance Camp in Casillas protests in front of Guatemalan Constitutional Court

Members of the Peaceful Resistance Camp in Casillas have created a second camp in front of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court. They arrived one week ago and will remain until court justices make a decision on the permanent closure of Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine. The Peaceful Resistance in Casillas is made up of groups from at least 6 municipalities in Santa Rosa & Jalapa who have been peacefully protesting the negative environmental impacts of the mine 24-hours a day in Casillas, [...]

AJR ¡Presente! in ongoing genocide retrial

Today, Survivors of massacres in the 80s from Chimaltenango traveled to participate in the trial against Rodríguez Sánchez for the Ixil genocide. The AJR (Association for Justice and Reconciliation) is made up of survivors from 5 regions in Guatemala and solidarity between communities has been their foundation since their formation. ¡AJR Presente! Photo credit: José Silvio T.   On October 13, the Ixil genocide case trial opened once again against former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and José Mauricio Rodriguez Sánchez, [...]

Recording: Alex Escobar talks about youth organizing; Grabación: Alex Escobar habla sobre la organización juvenil

[español abajo] An online presentation from our annual speaking tour, "Guatemalan Youth in Defense of Land and Life"! Who is JODVID? Youth Organized in Defense of Life (JODVID, in Spanish) is a Guatemalan environmental justice collective that uses the arts and popular education to mobilize youth in local and regional movements in defense of the earth and the environment. JODVID was formed in honor of Topacio Reynoso, a 16-year leader, artist and environmental activist who was assassinated in April 2014. [...]

Sobrevivientes comparten sus observaciones mientras Ríos Montt está procesado por genocidio…otra vez

El 13 de octubre, el caso por genocidio del pueblo ixil se abrió de nuevo contra el ex-dictador Efraín Ríos Montt y José Mauricio Rodriguez Sánchez, ex-jefe de inteligencia militar. Este fue el segundo intento de llevarles de nuevo a juicio después del proceso, condena, y sentencia de Ríos Montt por genocidio en 2013. Mientras afirmaban la validez continua y la importancia histórica de la sentencia de 2013, los testigos del caso accedieron a reaparecer frente la Corte para compartir [...]

Survivors share their reflections as Ríos Montt is tried for genocide…again

On October 13, the Ixil genocide case trial is set to open once again against former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and José Mauricio Rodriguez Sánchez, former head of military intelligence, in the second attempt to retry the case after the 2013 trial, verdict, and sentence convicting Ríos Montt of genocide. While affirming the continued validity and historic importance of the 2013 sentence, witnesses from the trial have agreed to reappear in court and share their stories publicly. The witnesses continue [...]

Solidarity Update: September 2017

News recap: Solidarity in the streets; U.S. Speaking Tour, "Guatemalan Youth in Defense of Land and Life," kicks off on October 9th; Thousands call for resignation of Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and Congressional representatives; Grieving the loss of Ixil genocide survivor Jacinto de Paz, witness in the trial against Ríos Montt; Families call for justice on International Day of the Victims of Forced Disappearance; Environmental defenders in Ixquisis labeled "terrorists" by Guatemalan business sector. This and more in this month's [...]