In the face of the proven cooptation of the three branches of the State by sectors historically interested in maintaining corruption, impunity, fear, and defenselessness, which characterize the recent governments of the business, military, and criminal right, the No More Genocide Coalition- (in Spanish Coordinadora Genocidio Nunca Más -CGNM) expresses to the national and international public opinion:

We firmly believe that access to truth, memory, and justice are factors that will ensure that the terrible events of the past, which cost the lives of more than 250,000 people at the hands of a state and its army built for genocide and dispossession, are not repeated.

Unfortunately, since the signing of the Peace Accords, denialist governments have been imposed on us, protecting criminals and repressing our demands for justice and a dignified life.

Even worse, in the 2023 elections, the criminal and corrupt alliance that controls the three branches of the State imposed the candidacies of relatives, friends, and partners of genocidal military personnel, specifically the candidacies of Edmont Mulet, involved in the theft and illegal trafficking of girls and boys during the war; Zury Maitee Rios Sosa, who seeks to impose amnesty for the military responsible for the disappearance, death, torture, violence, and genocide of our relatives, and responsible for obstructing the application of the genocide sentence against her father, Efraín Ríos Montt; as well as Manuel Conde Orellana, from the ruling party, who was a witness for Ríos Montt in the genocide case.

Given this situation, the CGNM calls for VOTING WITH MEMORY, to reject the candidacies and rise to power of traditional parties, specifically the seizure of power by Zury Ríos, Sandra Torres, Edmond Mulet, Manuel Conde Orellana, and all the parties that follow them due to their proven links to organized crime, the so-called “pact of the corrupt,” and military personnel linked to drug trafficking and genocide.

We call for a VOTE WITH MEMORY, a VOTE FOR LIFE, choosing presidential and vice-presidential candidates, electing representatives to Congress, and bringing representatives from the left, progressives, and democrats to municipal power, who will allow us to build a dignified life.

Let us support projects for life and justice for all, represented in the various expressions of the left, progressives, and democrats, in which committed social leaders participate to confront the power of dispossession, injustice, and death.

No More Genocide Coalition. June 2023.