On May 20, 1999, the Military Diary of Guatemala was published for the first time. Twenty-four years after the publication of the document: The Military Diary, families of the victims registered in it continue to demand justice. We join the thousands of voices that continue to ask #WhereAreThey? #ThinkDifferentIsNotACrime.

The Military Diary is a document that made possible, on the one hand, the direct identification of a hundred missing persons, while on the other hand it evidences the planning of a regime of terror whose objective was the physical suppression of any individual identified as an enemy of the established order.

On the 24th anniversary of the publication of the Military Diary, we invite you to read the analysis of the co-responsibility of the United States in the crimes committed between 1983 and 1985 and registered in the Military Diary, from Rebeca Zúniga-Hamlin from the SOA Watch Counsel and Director of the Denver Justice and Peace Committee in the Webinar: “Women in the Military Diary Case” held in September 1st, 2022.