Covering a giant poster with guatemalan national symbols, organizations put in the front pictures of the dissapeared and murder during the Internal Armed Conflict along with red carnations and crosses

During the February 25 commemoration, social organizations placed a poster with national symbols, covered by pictures of the disappeared and victims of the Internal Armed Conflict, outside the Congress. Photo credit: Edith López Ovalle

Dear friends and comrades:

We are already walking through this year with so much inspiration in witnessing community resilience of those organizing and working on the ground in Guatemala. This month, we honor historical memory on the National Day of Dignification for Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict in Guatemala. Also, in the context of the International Water Day, we highlight the efforts of two of our partners, CODIDENA and the ADH, in the continued struggle for environmental justice. Finally, we invite you to extend your solidarity with these movements by becoming a monthly sustaining donor!

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