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Release request of convicted military personnel in the Molina Theissen case is rejected

Archive picture of Marco Antonio Molina Theissen On Wednesday, August 19 a closed hearing was held to resolve the petition of substitute measures for 3 high-rank military officials who currently are in the Guatemalan Military Hospital, arguing the dangers to their health in the face of the pandemic of COVID-19. Francisco Luis Gordillo, Manuel Antonio Callejas [...]

Perspectivas de lxs acompañantes: Lidiando con la complejidad

To read in English Nicole Estrada (ella), NISGUA Internacionalista actual, escribió esta carta durante la pandemia de COVID-19 y los levantamientos de Las Vidas Negras Importan. Imagen de un sendero mágico en Birmingham, AL Queridxs amigxs, familia, y compañerxs, Oficialmente es la temporada de Leo, y muchas cosas han cambiado desde la última vez que [...]

Accompanier Perspectives: On Holding Complexity

Para leer en español Nicole Estrada (she/her/hers), current NISGUA Internacionalista, wrote this letter during the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter uprisings in the U.S.  Picture of a dreamy trail in Birmingham, AL Dear friends, family, and comrades, It’s officially Leo season, and so much has changed since the last time I wrote y’all. I’ve [...]

Accompanier Perspectives: Vivas Nos Queremos. Resistance at the intersection of feminism, coronavirus and the police state

Isa Villalon, NISGUA internacionalista, wrote this letter upon their return to the United States in March, 2020. Since her return, Isa has been organizing with Abolish ICE Denver. I wasn't able to send out my last friends and family letter before I left Guatemala. Now, as you may know, I am back in the US. [...]

38 national and international organizations sent a letter to the World Bank expressing their concerns regarding the attacks against the Guatemalan Judicial system

[Español abajo] On July 30, 38 national and international organizations asked the World Bank Group to take decisive measures to reverse its contribution to fostering conditions that threaten the institutional order in Guatemala. Meeting in Barillas to receive human rights defender and journalist Palas Luin, on January 2020 after he was released and charges  against him were dismissed [...]

July 2020: Rubén Herrera Presente!

Beloved community, we write this Solidarity Update with broken hearts. Rubén Herrera of the Departmental Assembly of Peoples of Huehuetenango (ADH) passed away on July 22.  We honor Rubén and we stand in solidarity with Rubén's family and the ADH.   We also invite you to watch the new video from our campaign to defund the Asylum [...]