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Statement: The Appointment of Roberto Molina as a Constitutional Court Judge is another action of the pact of the corrupts

On November 10, the Guatemala Supreme Court elected Roberto Molina Barreto to the Constitutional Court (CC), replacing Judge Bonerge Mejía, who died of COVID-19 in September. In 2013, when Molina Barreto was also serving on the CC, he voted to overturn Ríos Montt's genocide conviction. Years later, in December  2018, he was a candidate for vice president, as a [...]

Statement: For the right to peaceful protest and against government repression!

After the Guatemalan government heavily repressed on Saturday 21 a peaceful demonstration that had initially being call against the 2021 budget, human rights organizations and social movements are calling for the immediate resignation of the president and vice president, and some civil society groups are calling for a constitutional assembly. We share the statement of several organizations below. For [...]

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#NoNosPela // Solidarity with the Guatemalan uprisings

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GUATEMALA? For centuries, the elite of Guatemala have consolidated their power by violently robbing resources from the Indigenous majority. In recent history, the oligarchy has maintained its control through militarized violence, mass corruption, systemic impunity, and strategic alliances with the U.S. government and multinational corporations. This systemic racism and corruption has been apparent through the [...]

#NoNosPela // Solidaridad con los levantamientos guatemaltecos

¿QUÉ ESTÁ PASANDO EN GUATEMALA? Durante siglos, la élite guatemalteca ha consolidado su poder al robar violentamente recursos a la mayoría Indígena. En la historia reciente, la oligarquía ha mantenido su control a través de violencia militarizada, corrupción masiva, impunidad sistémica y alianzas estratégicas con el gobierno estadounidense y las corporaciones multinacionales. Este racismo y corrupción sistémicos se evidencia [...]

October Solidarity Update // Boletín de Octubre

Aleisar Arana, President of the Xinka Parliament, speaking at the meeting with the MEM. Photo credit: Xinka Parliament // Aleisar Arana, Presidente del Parlamento Xinka, hablando durante la reunión con el MEM. Credito de la foto: Parlamento Xinka READ OUR SOLIDARITY UPDATE HERE // LEA NUESTRO BOLETIN AQUI This month, we share with you exciting [...]

Statement: “We reject the closure of the institutions of peace and human rights”

Members of the Platform of Victims and Survivors of the Internal Armed Conflict outside the Constitutional Court of Guatemala. Photo credit: Courtesy of AJR  On October 5, the National Platform of Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict and Guatemalan social organizations expressed their rejection of President Giammattei’s decision to close the Secretary of Peace (SEPAZ), Secretary of [...]