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Statement: A light of hope in 37 years of impunity

Lawyers and plaintiffs present in the Judicial Room during the First Declaration Hearing of the six former military and police indicted for crimes against humanity in the Military Diary Case. Photo Credit: FAMDEGUA From June 1-10, pre-trial hearings in the Military Diary Case were held for six of twelve recently arrested former military and [...]

Statement from the Families of the Victims of the Military Diary Case

Following the news that eleven alleged perpetrators in the Military Diary case have been detained on May 27 of 2021, we express our solidarity with the family members of the disappeared people. These family members have struggled for 38 years to discover what happened to their loved ones who were disappeared by the Guatemalan state during the Internal Armed [...]

Comunicado: Resistencia Pacífica de Santa Cruz Barillas y Asamblea Departamental de Huehuetenango.

Ante la “consternación” que la Corporación Financiera Internacional y el Banco Mundial expresaron respecto al informe de la Oficina del Ombudsman y Asesor de Cumplimiento (CAO), relacionado a la queja presentada el 01 de julio de 2015 por la Asamblea Departamental de Huehuetenango por la Defensa de los Recursos Naturales (ADH), y las y los defensores de los derechos [...]

Open Statement: Pacific Resistance of Santa Cruz Barillas and Departamental Assembly of Huehuetenango

Statement regarding the “consternation” that the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank expressed regarding the report of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), related to the complaint presented on July 1, 2015 by the People’s Assembly of the Department of Huehuetenango for the defense of Natural Resources and defenders of human rights in the Peaceful Resistance of Santa [...]

Statement: We embrace this step on the journey for justice of the families of the Military Diary

A page from the Military Diary. Photo credit: Centro de Medios Independientes On May 27, 11 ex-military and police officers linked to the Military Diary Case were taken into custody to face charges of forced dissaparence, torture, rape and killings between 1983 and 1985. Our solidarity with the relatives, the plaintiffs and the lawyers of [...]

May 2021 Solidarity Update

(Español abajo) Dear community,  In recent weeks, we have seen acute moments of settler-colonial violence and authoritarianism throughout the globe. We stand in solidarity with those rising up to protect their homes, livelihoods, and the right to self-determination, from Palestine to Colombia, and back into our own cities and neighborhoods.  There is a lot happening in Guatemala, too. In [...]