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Statement: “We reject the closure of the institutions of peace and human rights”

Members of the Platform of Victims and Survivors of the Internal Armed Conflict outside the Constitutional Court of Guatemala. Photo credit: Courtesy of AJR  On October 5, the National Platform of Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict and Guatemalan social organizations expressed their [...]

Accompanier Perspectives:”We Must Love Each Other and Support Each Other”

Graphic credit: IG @bbyanarchists  Hello Everyone, A lot has happened in such a short amount of time. Adjusting to a pandemic that pushes pre-existing inequality to a new limit while also seeing the popularity of mutual aid and community care efforts rise has [...]

September Solidarity Update: AJR and XP gatherings, house parties, & more

One of many scenes of the first virtual assembly in Santa Anita. Photo credit: AJR This month we invite you to watch a series of virtual forums organized by the Xinka Parliament, read updates on the Association for Justice and Reconciliation’s (AJR)  first [...]

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“For their truth to last”: Statement in support of survivors of genocide

"Their truth is our truth". Illustration by CALDH. On September 16, 17 and 18, survivors of massacres that occurred in the Ixil region gave their testimonies as pretrial evidence in the case against retired military officer Luis Enrique Mendoza García  who was Chief of Army [...]

The Fugitives of CREOMPAZ

This article was originally written by Carlos Juarez for gAZeta magazine on January 2020. You can read the article on Spanish here. Since the publication of this article no further arrest has been made. On the contrary, several defendants have requested their release from preventive [...]

August Solidarity Update: La Puya, ACAs, Molina Theissen & more

Guatemala civil society called a protest on August 15 to denounce the financial mismanagement of the Guatemalan government during the pandemic. Photo credit: Antonio Ramirez/IG: @suculentapro Along with people worldwide who are appalled by state corruption and mishandling of the pandemic, Guatemalans [...]