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Statement: 24 Years After the signing of the Peace Agreements

"What is the institutional framework of peace in Guatemala? They are institutions that ensure that the State respects the Peace Accords and dignified reparation to the people for the crimes against humanity committed by the Guatemalan State through its repressive apparatus during the Internal Armed [...]


On December 9, 2020 a virtually public hearing was held in the Constitutional Court, to address an injunction presented by FAMDEGUA regarding the prosecution of the crimes of sexual violence and crimes against women in the CREOMPAZ case.  In 2016,  Judge Claudette Domínguez’s made [...]

Implementación del Acuerdo de Cooperación de Asilo vulnera derechos de las personas migrantes

Escrito y originalmente publicado por nuestras camaradas del Comité en Solidaridad con el Pueblo de El Salvador (CISPES). Click here to read in English.   En respuesta al anuncio desde el Departamento de seguridad nacional (DHS) que Estados Unidos y El Salvador han llegado a un [...]

Implementation of Asylum Agreement Violates Human Rights of Migrants

Written and originally posted by our comrades at the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES). Haz clic aquí para leer en español.   On December 18, International Day of the Migrant, CISPES joined over thirty human rights, religious, solidarity and service organizations [...]

Statement: As it was in the 80’s

In the last few weeks, protests are growing in Guatemala due to the mismanagement of the pandemic and the lack of an appropriate state response to hurricanes Eta and Iota, the outrageous 2021 budget, and the systematic corruption and impunity of the ruling class. Therefore,  [...]

November solidarity update // Boletín de noviembre

Picture from one of ACODET’s women’s leadership workshops. Photo credit: ACODET // Foto de uno de los talleres de ACODET de liderazgo de mujeres. Crédito de foto: ACODET Read our solidarity update here! // ¡Lea nuestro boletín aquí! In this solidarity [...]