“We must raise awareness [so] that these kinds of events are never repeated, because the people of Guatemala want to live in peace, acknowledging our identity, our rich multicultural, multilingual [heritage] and the respect for the freedom of expression of our ideas.” 

-Genocide sentence (page 89 in English translation)
Photo: CMI Guatemala
This coming May 10, people around the world will celebrate the first anniversary of the Guatemalan genocide sentence against Efraín Ríos Montt.
On this day, we will remember when the High Risk Crimes Court “A”, presided over by Judge Yassmín Barrios, condemned former General José Efraín Ríos Montt to 80 years in prison for genocide and crimes against humanity.
In commemoration of the first anniversary of this historic sentence for the genocide perpetrated against the Maya Ixil people in Guatemala, activities to read parts of the sentence are being organized in distinct locations across the world.
This idea was originally proposed by Dr. Marta Elena Casaús Arzú for men, women, academics, artists, students, families, religious groups and social organizations in Guatemala and elsewhere to join together in solidarity with the survivors who bravely shared their stories during the genocide trial.
The easiest way to join in is through Facebook and your own social media networks!
  • On your own or as a collective, select a phrase or paragraph* of the genocide sentence that has impressed you, that you consider to be important, that you want to emphasize so that it will be remembered.
  • You can share the phrase on your Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #GenocideSentenceGT, #sentenciaporgenocidio, #YesItWasGenocide, #Sihubogenocidio.
  • Record yourself reading the sentence, either audio or video, and share it via Instagram, Vine, Flipagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Share your action with photos or drawings. Write a song or poem!
  • Tag your post with these Facebook pages: Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala and Sentencia por Genocidio, or on Twitter @NISGUA_Guate.
  • If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook account, send your photos or videos directly to NISGUA, communications@nisgua.org.
We hope that this worldwide show of solidarity will bring visibility to the decades-long struggle for truth and justice in Guatemala and the achievements for justice in the historic genocide trial.
Join the movement!
Confirmed locations participating:
Guatemala City
Mexico City
Buenos Aires
USA – North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Ohio, Berkeley and Austin
Send us your city and state and we will add you to the list!
*You can find the portion of the genocide sentence that was read on May 10 here in Spanish or here in English (starting on page 74).