Poster for Tu Corazon Florece (Your Heart Flourishes) festival

On Friday, February 10, 2012, a verdict was issued in the case of Lisandro Guarcax and 32 other victims.  The accused were found guilty of charges of murder and kidnapping and given sentences ranging from 100-376 years.  In the case of Lisandro, the judges ordered that his parents be compensated for their suffering and that the municipality where he lived provide a public memorial.

NISGUA applauds the verdict in this case.  In our hearts we long for a just world in which Lisandro and so many others are no longer taken from us and in their names we recommit to working towards  justice.

Lisandro Guarcax was a visionary artist, teacher and founding member of Grupo Sotz’il.  He was kidnapped, murdered and tortured on August 25, 2010.  His death provoked a widespread national and international response.

NISGUA paid ad campaign in reponse to Lisandro’s death.  Read more here.