Guatemala, April 22nd, 2024. The members of the National Platform of Organizations of Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict condemn the inhumane and despicable acts committed by the army against the Maya Ixil people during the dictatorship of Romeo Lucas Garcia (1978-1982).

In particular, we repudiate the sexual violence against women and girls, not only because this type of violence sought to destroy the dignity and annul the freedom of the victims but because the army used this violence as a method for the total or partial destruction of the communities, and thus ensure the genocide of the Ixil people.

It is now recognized that sexual violence in armed conflict is a grave crime that must be prosecuted and punished.

As a Platform of Victims, we stand in solidarity with the Ixil women survivors of sexual violence who are testifying before the High-Risk Tribunal “A” in the trial against Benedicto Lucas, Chief of the General Staff of the Army.

We hope the court will listen attentively to the testimonies and allow us to revictimize the survivors.

We reiterate our support for the Ixil Mayan People and the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) in the demand for justice for the Ixil genocide.

We also recognize the solidarity work of the Archbishop of Guatemala Human Rights Office (ODHAG), who took on the challenge of accompanying the AJR in the case litigation.

Peace and reconciliation are achieved by respecting human rights and strengthening the rule of law so that impartial justice prevails.

Impunity Never Again!