ACTIVE: Seeking photos for 2020 Calendar “Art as Resistance”2019-06-21T18:58:44+00:00
ACTIVE: Ask Your Congresspeople: What is DHS Doing in Guatemala?2019-06-18T16:42:36+00:00
ACTIVE: Condemn threats against Quelvin Jiménez, Xinka Parliament Lawyer2019-06-10T14:22:10+00:00
ACTIVE: Webinar and photo series in solidarity with Maya Achi survivors2019-06-07T17:32:43+00:00
ACTIVE: Say NO To Amnesty for Crimes Against Humanity2019-03-07T21:09:35+00:00
CLOSED: Technical coup unfolding in Guatemala2019-02-25T18:56:19+00:00
CLOSED: Stand with Indigenous Peoples & demand respect for self-determination2019-03-13T01:42:51+00:00
CLOSED: Demand Tahoe Resources respect Guatemalans’ “No” to mining2019-02-05T20:46:54+00:00
ACTIVE: Community Consultations2018-11-26T22:34:44+00:00