Project Description

Take action with witnesses, survivors, and members of the AJR in the Ixil Genocide Case against Benedicto Lucas García.

We invite you to join us and send a message of support to the witnesses, survivors, and the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) members, as the Ixil Genocide Case against Benedicto Lucas García, head of the Guatemalan army between 1978 and 1982 is set to begin on March 25.

During 1978-1982, the Guatemalan state and army designed and implemented its policy of genocide, more than 1,700 people were victims of the crimes of genocide, forced disappearance, sexual violence and crimes against humanity by the military operations deployed in the Maya Ixil region. 

In the current global context, supporting the third trial will for genocide in Guatemala, is not just a moral imperative; it’s a critical necessity: the atrocities committed during the genocide in Guatemala, which targeted Indigenous communities cannot be overlooked or forgotten. As we advocate for justice in Guatemala, we must also condemn the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. The systematic violence, displacement, and human rights violations inflicted upon the Palestinian people demand our collective outrage and solidarity.

Let our AJR comrades know that you join in their demands for justice, truth and memory. Take action with us!

  • Take a photo, record a video, or create art expressing a message of solidarity with the survivors of the Ixil Genocide Case! Tag NISGUA and use the hashtags below.

#InSolidarity #IxilGenocide #JusticeNow #NeverAgain #MemoryTruthAndJustice #StopGenocideNow #StopGazaGenocideNow #JudgeGuatemalaGenocideNow #USStopFinancingGenocides #USComplicitInGenocide 

Send your creations to: or to NISGUA

FB: @NISGUA.Guate | X: @NISGUA_Guate | Instagram: @nisgua_solidaridad

  • Stay informed and engaged during the trial through our social media. NISGUA will be posting daily updates throughout the case proceedings. 

Individuals and communities in the United States can play a crucial role in supporting the struggle for justice in the Ixil genocide case and standing in solidarity with Indigenous communities in Guatemala.

Photo by: NISGUA. The Ixil People have memory.