Guatemalan partner organizations, including CALDH and HIJ@S, published an open letter denouncing Guatemalan congressional attempts to pass amnesty legislation. The proposed legislation could overturn decades of work for justice, allowing those responsible for crimes against humanity to walk free. The letter rejects these latest attempts to legislate impunity, at the expense of victims’ right to truth and justice.

The letter features nearly 150 signatures from across Guatemala, Latin America, North America, and Europe. Signatories represent family members of the detained and disappeared in Guatemala and throughout Latin America, national and international human rights and social justice organizations, and academics. The signatories demand that Congress stop legislating impunity. They call on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to begin proceedings to remove immunity from legislators promoting the bill for their attempts to obstruct justice. They ask the Inter-American Human Rights Courts to evaluate the Guatemalan State’s compliance with its verdicts on cases from the Internal Armed Conflict.

Click the image below to read the full letter.

Organizations Reject Proposed Amnesty Legislation