For more than a decade, members of the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala have had the honor to walk alongside survivors of genocide in their long struggle for justice. Tomorrow, we will accompany them in the next step on the path of memory, as they stand as witnesses in the Guatemalan courts, where the Generals Efraín Ríos Montt and Mauricio Rodriguez Sánchez are accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Join us in our live coverage of the trial, which will be shared via our Twitter feed @NISGUA_Guate, using the hashtags #GenocideGT, #GenocidioGT, and #RMTrial. A video livestream from the courtroom will be broadcast via starting at 8:30am CST.
The Open Society Justice Initiative has also debuted a website dedicated to live coverage of the trials,, which will serve as a clearinghouse for up to the minute information on the proceedings.
You can personally show your support by signing our Pledge in Support of Justice for Genocide (via Facebook Causes or NISGUA’s website) and joining our photo solidarity campaign, both actions which we will share with the witnesses and activists who have made the trial possible.
I pledge to follow the Guatemalan genocide trial; remain attentive to the monitoring and reporting carried out by Guatemalan human rights defenders and international observers; take action in the event of obstruction of justice or threats to witnesses, lawyers or experts involved in the case; and remain vigilant following the verdict.”
How to create your photo for justice:
1. Print out one of these signs: JUSTICIA por GENOCIDIO en Guatemala
…or make your own with the hashtags we’ll be using throughout the trial: #GenocidioGT/#GenocideGT.
2. Add your own detail. For example, hand write a personal message or sign with your twitter handle, or use NISGUA’s: @NISGUA_Guate!
3. Upload your photo to Facebook and tag us in your photo, or send your photo to communications