Trans-Territorial Table

The Trans-Territorial Table will strengthen specific struggles, create shared knowledge across movements, and deepen the collective project for liberated territories from Turtle Island to Ixim Ulew.

NISGUA is happy to announce that we selected the 9 project participants of the Trans-Territorial Table. Here they have the opportunity to learn and grow collectively through a direct exchange during the table meetings. The Table will be an opportunity for diasporic Guatemalans and Guatemala based organizers, visual artists, activists and life defenders to encounter and exchange lessons, strategies, and simply to connect.

NISGUA is proud to collaborate to the creation of this space for grassroot leaders on this humble experience of learnings from them.

creenshot of a zoom meeting with 15 participants, 12 of them visible, all smiling to the screen. From left upper side the name that reads on screen, Diana Gámez, Frank (el) NISGUA, Xuana’s iPhone, Edna Sandoval, Andrés Contreris/Colectivo Qatzij, Leo Garcia, Flaco, Xelani Luz y Carmen Perez, Claudia Solis, Diego Petzey, andrea aguilar ferro, Esdras Cumez, Berta (ella) NISGUA, Maggie García, A Laura, Sarasuadi (ella) NISGUA, Soporte técnico NISGUA, Luis Anibal Araujo García, Administrador.
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Take action! Solidarity with Relatives, Survivors and Plaintiffs of the Military Diary Case

On May 6, 2022, Judge Miguel Angel Galvez ordered the opening of the trial for the first nine accused of the Military Diary case, who will face charges for illegal detention, torture, forced disappearance, murder, extra-judicial execution, sexual violence, and crimes against humanity of at least 195 people between 1983 and 1985. The accused have many links to right-wing organizations, private security companies, and corrupt actors, showing clearly that there is a connection between the clandestine criminal structures that operated during the Internal Armed Conflict and the structures that maintain corruption and impunity in the present. Shortly after his ruling, Judge Galvez was threatened and later denounced by an extreme right-wing group, therefore his judicial immunity is currently at stake.

As the case moves forward, a central concern and demand is the guarantee of safety for the families, plaintiffs, lawyers, prosecutors, and judge of the case.

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On a white background, 14 faces of women victims in the military diary case are highlighted in vertical stripes, in grayscale. A red carnation is highlighted in the left corner and in black letters reads: "Solidarity action with families and plaintiffs of the military diary case. Accompanying the hashtags #IBeliveThem #IBeliveTheVictimsr #MilitaryDiaryCase

Join the action in solidarity  with the families and plaintiffs of the Military Diary Case by signing a letter and taking photographs of support and solidarity. We hope that this international action of solidarity will be one more contribution to the visibility of the struggle that relatives and survivors have carried out for decades.

Rubén lives in our hearts and the struggle continues.

In 2022 we celebrate the life and legacy of Rubén Herrera after 2 years of his passing. The Departmental Assembly of the People of Huehuetenango (ADH) commemorates his life through a requiem mass, followed by a communal celebration with the people he shared and walked with in the struggle. Rubén Herrera’s teachings are still a pillar for the current struggle in defense of water and life in Huehuetenango and for NISGUA as an organization. 

Flyer with the image of Rubén Herrera to the right looking straight to the camera, wearing glasses, a white baseball hat, and a platted shirt. The flyer has an orange background with a sunflower in the middle and to the left a text that reads: “La Asamable Departamental de Pueblos de Huehuetenango, ADH, a dos años de la partida física de nuestro compañero Rubén Herrera, les convocamos a reunirnos alrededor de su memoria de lucha y libertad: Jueves 21/07/2022 Misa de Réquiem 18:30 Iglesia Catedral, Huehuetenango. Viernes 22/07/2022 Encuentro comunitario en memoria de Rubén Herrera 7:30 a 15:00 horas Asociación Ixmucanee El Terreno, zona 4, Huehuetenengo”.

August Announcements

Announcing our 2023 Calendar: Territories in Resistance!

The Network in Solidarity with the Peoples of Guatemala (NISGUA) presents our 2023 calendar, “Territories in Resistance,” a stunning photographic collection that positions ancestral struggles in Guatemala and beyond. Selections range from lush green lowlands to the eastern Dry Corridor, from Shell River in the north to the black-sand beaches of the south. We feature people protecting and celebrating territory on fields and streets, at trials and protests, through dance and ceremony.

We have launched pre-sales for purchasing calendars individually or in bulk. Calendars should ship by early October.

For more information write to:

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