As committed supporters of our work, you know that building deep relationships of solidarity to create collective justice is what NISGUA has always been about!

However, significant barriers exist to creating these realities, like underfunding for projects of liberation, or funding that artificially siloes movements by separating them into “issues.” Having heard from leaders about these challenges, NISGUA is launching the Mesa Trans-Territorial. This is a virtual solidarity space for grassroots leaders to build trans-territorial relations among movements and to receive direct funding for their projects of liberation. Will you support this amazing project with a donation today?

Thank you for your generous donation NISGUA will continue supporting a greater vision for a world where there is justice for survivors of war, for people whose territory is ravished, and for everyone who wants a future for this planet.

It is not without our base – without you! – that we are able to accomplish this work of solidarity. Thank you for your support!

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