A sign reads, "The interference by the United States buries the people's peace."

A sign reads, “The interference by the United States buries the people’s peace.”


On this day, August 9, 2019, we, the Indigenous people of Zaculeu, convene ourselves to strongly condemn the events that are taking place in this country, events which bring to light the repressive nature of the Guatemalan government.

The three branches of our weak government do not represent us. Although Jimmy Morales claims to have won more than two million votes, this does not authorize him to determine the future of Guatemala. 

The justice system is unjust for Indigenous people. The oligarchical powers are only concerned about their “governance.” The business chambers continually blame us for the evils that afflict us because we do not accept their development model that is based on the dispossession of our natural resources and the criminalization, incarceration, and assassination of our leaders. To make matters more confusing, we are in the final stage of a fraudulent and irregular electoral process, which only demonstrates the weaknesses of the electoral system to the extent that it makes some think of a coup-d’etat.

Everything that the United States and Guatemalan governments say is false; their goal is to make us a “safe third country” so that migrants will be stuck here. To these government authorities, we say: the children, youth, women, and men who decide to leave are fleeing from poverty and all of the evils created by corruption, narco-trafficking, and the violence orchestrated by the same minds that gave birth to terror and genocide in Guatemala. If migration is a human right, it is also a right to stay in one’s own country. But how is this possible when all that a country offers is poverty? So, what can we offer to those who are stranded in Guatemala, to the deported and returned? 

Facing this situation, we, the Indigenous People of Huehuetenango and social organizations, demand: 

  1. Repeal the agreement signed by the Government Ministry of Guatemala, which tries to convert us into a “safe third country.”
  2. That extractive industries, military forces, and repression from other countries not invade our territories. 
  3. That our borders continue to be an open path for the survival of Indigenous people, with respect to the networks and historical ties that have united the Indigenous people of Guatemala and Mexico.
  4. That whoever is elected as president of Guatemala on August 11, 2019 audit all of the agreements signed by Jimmy Morales. These agreements compromise the sovereignty and economic stability in the present and future of our country. 
  1. That the next government respect the decisions of Indigenous Peoples made in community consultations of good faith. These decisions have shown Indigenous peoples’ desire for the future and development that respects the life of the common good and that is implemented in accordance with established community norms. 

For a 9th of August in solidarity and combat, the Departmental Assembly of Peoples of Huehuetenango recognizes the fight and resistance of Indigenous people of Guatemala and the world


Zacueleu, August 9, 2019