Emilia – we still remember you. The search for justice continues.

On the 8th of December 2011, the first anniversary of the tragic death of Emilia Quan Staackmann takes place. Emilia was a Guatemalan woman, 33 years old, that always will be remembered as a sociologist committed to her work and as a lively, human and intelligent person.

Emilia Quan was a researcher for the organisation Centro de Estudios y Documentación de la Frontera Occidental de Guatemala (CEDFOG) in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. On the 7th of December, when Emilia was heading for a field mission, she was kidnapped. On the 8th of December 2010, Emilia was found dead in circumstances that have not yet been clarified.

In relation to the first anniversary we are realising this electronic campaign to collect signatures. The signatures will be submitted to the Office of the General Attorney in Guatemala , the authority responsible for carrying out rapid, thorough and efficient investigations, in order to identify, judge and sanction the persons responsible for the death of Emilia Quan.

It is possible to sign as an individual person as well as an organisation. Please send your signature (name/country or name of organisation/country) as latest Monday 5th of December 2011, to the following e-mail address: amigosemiliaquan@gmail.com

Please note; the text included in this message is the same that will be submitted to the Office of the General Attorney.

Do not hesitate to share this message- by e-mail, facebook, blogs, twitter – to other persons that could be interested in signing this campaign.

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Thank you in advance,

Friends of Emilia Quan