The Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) reaffirms our commitment and solidarity with people organized in the struggle to defend life and territories and in resistance to occupation and apartheid, which through colonial tactics justify the violence against and dehumanization of Palestinian and Indigenous Peoples.

For over 100 days, more than 20,000 Palestinian have been massacred; the famine, the declaration of a total state of siege, the war crimes, and the continuation of apartheid, occupation, and repression in the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory are genocidal acts driven by racism and Zionism. From our political history and solidarity with the people of Guatemala, we recognize the responsibility of the Global North in such acts.

We recognize the history and responsibility of the Global North in the creation of Israel as an imperial and colonial state driven by racism and Zionism. As people in the United States organized in solidarity for the liberation of all Peoples, we honor the Palestinian, Indigenous and Black resistance to Western imperialism. For decades, U.S., Canadian and Israeli corporations in particular have stolen and seized land around the world, enabled by mass genocides, a high level of militarized surveillance and violations of basic human rights.

We join with all voices, including those censored and silenced, to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to 75 years of atrocities by Israel against the Palestinian people. As a U.S. organization, we are committed to internationalism and relationship-building between the people of the United States and Guatemala. We will continue to advocate for grassroots alternatives to challenge oppressive power structures and violent U.S. economic and foreign policies. And we unequivocally declare ourselves against military, capital and colonial systems that reinforce each other to harm marginalized communities around the world.

[ENG] A photograph taken in a street in the open air, a table with books and yellow flowers, in front a sign with beige background and red letters reading: "Free Palestine" accompanied by a Palestinian flag (black, red, white and green colors). Behind a multitude of people standing or sitting on some concrete bleachers, some of them holding the Guatemalan flag (light blue and white). [ESP] Fotografía tomada en una calle al aire libre, una mesa con libros y flores amarillas, delante un cartel con fondo beige y letras rojas en el que se lee: "Palestina libre" acompañado de una bandera palestina (colores negro, rojo, blanco y verde). Detrás una multitud de personas de pie o sentadas en unas gradas de hormigón, algunas de ellas sosteniendo la bandera de Guatemala (azul claro y blanco).

“Free Palestine” sign and Palestinian flag seen in the October 20th, 2023 march for the Anniversary of the 1944 Revolution in Guatemala City, Zone 1. Photo by NISGUA Internacionalista.