Project Description

Visit Guatemala on a Delegation with NISGUA!

Every year, NISGUA supporters have the chance to visit Guatemalan communities and organizations that seek justice & accountability, an end to impunity, and stand in defense of life and territory. The 8-day visit to Guatemala offers the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the realities faced by Guatemalan and indigenous communities in their struggle for dignity, self-determination, and human rights. NISGUA delegations express international solidarity with Guatemalan social justice movements as a part of a multi-faceted strategy to widen political space and secure greater security for local community-organizing efforts.

Participants will return home having had the opportunity to deeply reflect on the importance of cross-border solidarity, equipped with new resources to effectively and strategically stand with Guatemalan human rights defenders as an international community that continues to work for social change from within the U.S.

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