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Gráfico que dice: "#NoALa5257" y "#LeyDeONG"

“#NoToThe5257, #NGOLaw” Graphic by CEJIL, Center for Justice and International Law.

March 10, 2020 update:

Despite international pressure and outcry from Guatemalan civil society organizations, President Giammettei has refused to veto this bill. There have been several attempts to stop the implementation of the law, including a provisional injunction released by the constitutional court. The current situation is unclear, but we will provide more details as they become known.

Original post: On February 11, the Guatemalan Congress approved Decree 4-2020, formerly known as Bill 5257 or the NGO Law. Guatemalan social movements have pointed out that this initiative is antidemocratic, unconstitutional, limits political rights, and threatens people who work in defense of life. We are extremely worried about the impact that this will have on our Guatemalan partners and allied international organizations. We fear that this law could further criminalize social movements and suppress dissent. We called on President Giammattei to veto the law, will you join us?