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“We must not be discouraged” – An interview with Dolores Cu

There is so much horror in the world. And, as those of you who have accompanied us over the last four decades know, there is so much resilience, creativity, and care in the resistances against this violence. NISGUA has the unique privilege of learning directly from our partners, to feel and share their joy alongside their dignified rage. In this newsletter, we invite you to join in conversation with Doña Dolores, to honor the visionary tactics that social movements are employing during the pandemic, and to take a breath of fortifying Ixcán air before continuing on in struggle.

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Dolores Cu is a Maya Q’eqchi’ women’s rights defender, genocide survivor, and board member of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR). She represents the Ixcán region for the AJR, providing direct grassroots analysis and coordinating and providing emotional support for Ixcán-based AJR associates, all of whom are also genocide survivors. Photo credit: Dolores Cu