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Project Description

Community Consultations: A model of resistance under attack in Guatemala

A bill currently before Guatemalan Congress seeks to co-opt the consultation process and violate the rights of indigenous communities to free, prior, and informed consent. Add your voice in calling on the Guatemalan government to respect the results of community-organized consultations.

Three ways to take action:

1. Print out the postcard and mail it to NISGUA’s office for delivery
2. Read more about the incredible role that consultations play in community organizing to protect land, life, and self-determination
3. Sign the extended action! Petition available here.

Photo: Graham Hunt

Download a postcard

Additional reading about community consultations

23April, 2024

Statement: Condemn sexual violence in the Ixil Genocide

(ESPAÑOL ABAJO) Guatemala, April 22nd, 2024. The members of the National Platform of Organizations of Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict condemn the inhumane and despicable acts committed by the army against the Maya Ixil people during the dictatorship of Romeo Lucas Garcia (1978-1982). In particular, we repudiate the [...]

19April, 2024

The Association of Communities for Development and Defense of the Land and Natural Resources (ACODET) in its Sixteenth General Assembly, declares before public opinion:

(ESPAÑOL ABAJO) We, the Indigenous and ancestral authorities of the different Indigenous communities of Ixcán, Cobán, and Uspantán that make up the Association of Communities for the Development and Defense of the Land and Natural Resources (ACODET), are convened in the community La Libertad Xalarocjá, in the municipality of [...]

17April, 2024

Statement for the defense of territory and food sovereignty

(ESPAÑOL ABAJO) We, representatives of the communities of La Costa Sur, Huehuetenango and the Indigenous Local Government of San Juan Cotzal, have convened in the Ixil territory of K’usal to share and exchange experiences of our wisdom for the defense of territory, reiterating our commitment to search for harmony [...]

17April, 2024

A 10 años de su asesinato exigimos justicia para Topacio Reynoso

El pueblo Xinka mantiene una lucha para proteger la vida, el agua y el territorio, de los mortíferos megaproyectos extractivitas, incluyendo la minera Escobal. Su compromiso por defender la vida frente a corporaciones transnacionales, les ha costado criminalización, ataques y asesinatos. A 10 años del asesinato de la joven [...]

17April, 2024

10 years after her assassination we demand justice for Topacio Reynoso.

The Xinka people maintain a struggle to protect life, water and territory from deadly extractive megaprojects, including the Escobal mine. Their commitment to defend life against transnational corporations has cost them criminalization, injuries, and assassinations. Ten years after the murder of 16-year-old Topacio Reynoso Pacheco in the attack that [...]

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