Twenty-five years since the publication of the military intelligence document known as the Dossier of Death (Dossier de la Muerte) or Military Diary, families, victims and survivors of State terror and the politics of forced disappearances;

Claim the memory and struggle of our relatives, who were repressed in illegal and clandestine ways, for daring to think of a different Guatemala, in which social justice and human rights were guaranteed for everyone;

These facts which have caused us pain and suffering for over four decades, in the which we still have not found answers nor will for recognition of these grave violations of human rights, which marked the history of a whole country and still continue in impunity;

Reaffirm our commitment with the search for the truth, the reconstruction of the historic memory, and the access to justice. With the publication of this document, our truth no longer can be denied.

Today more than ever the search for our relatives, the fight against forgetting and silence remains alive, because we will keep searching, until they are found!

May 20th, 2024.