“Population of Totonicapán holds a wake for 6 campesinos killed during confrontation yesterday” Source: AFP

Another blow to the Maya people, in the style of Mano Dura
Statement by the Departmental Assembly of Huehuetenango
October 4, 2012

The Departmental Assembly of Huehuetenango -ADH- before national and international public opinion, DECLARES:

Our profound outrage for the violent acts committed and mourning of the death of 3 brothers and 32 wounded.

[Note: Updated reports indicate at least 7 people were killed and 34 wounded.] We condemn the repressive response of the Guatemalan government toward the peaceful and legitimate protest of the people. The attack on the people’s struggle by the military government of Otto Pérez Molina is systematic. Today it was the Maya Kiche people of Totonicapán who suffered the state’s repression.

From the beginning, the peaceful gathering called for by the authorities of Totonicapán was discredited and threatened with eviction by the Guatemalan government. This is exactly what happened; tear gas, police and military presence were immediate and planned.

We call upon community leaders throughout Guatemala to remain vigilant.Today more than ever we must unite our voices and our strength. These attacks are directed toward organized communities who defend our right to life; yesterday it was the Q’anjobal people in Barillas, today it is the Kiche people in Totonicapán. We call upon international solidarity to demand the government puts an end to imposing upon and repressing the  just demands of the people, because the history of oppression repeats itself and deepens.


The Departmental Assembly of Huehuetenango (ADH) works to promote self-determination and alternative visions of development in the highland department of Huehuetenango. The ADH receives international human rights accompaniment from NISGUA through the ACOGUATE project and participated in NISGUA’s 2010 tour; you can find more information about their work here.