One page with the logo of several guatemal human rights organizations above, below the following text WE REGRET THE RESIGNATION OF JUDGE MIGUEL ÁNGEL GÁLVEZ Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez's resignation is a shame for the justice system in Guatemala. Far from protecting those who have upheld the rule of law, the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) has been a shield of corruption and impunity. Judge Gálvez, as well as Judge Éricka Aifán, repeatedly reported on the situations of risk they faced. The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) not only ignored such calls, but also facilitated the criminalization, defamation, and harassment of those who have been subjected to it, and protected their aggressors. The justice system loses a valuable, honest, capable official dedicated to strengthening the rule of law. From the Convergence for Human Rights, we regret the resignation of Judge Gálvez and we send him our solidarity and gratitude for his impeccable work. We call on Guatemalan society to raise its voice, promote the organization, alliances and mobilization necessary to recover the rights that today are violated by those from the #CriminalAlliance who have assaulted democracy. Guatemala, November 15, 2022