We are excited to present multi-media available from our recent speaking tour.

Concluding the Latin American Solidarity Conference in Washington, D.C., activists participated in the SOA Watch’s march on the White House, demanding the closing of the School of the Americas-Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA-WHINSEC).  See interview with tour speaker Victoria Cumes during the march, minute 1:56.

Nos da mucho gusto presentar este video hecho durante la gira de NISGUA.  Dando clausura a la Conferencia de Solidaridad con Latinoamérica en Washington, D.C., activistas participaron en la marcha de SOA Watch a la Casa Blanca, con la demanda de cerrar la Escuela de las Américas-Instituto de Cooperación para la Seguridad Hemisférica (SOA-WHINSEC, por sus siglas en inglés).  Véase la entrevista con presentadora de la gira, Victoria Cumes, en minuto 1:56.

[Materiales abajo en inglés]

We were honored to join radio host Tiokasin Ghosthorse on his “First Voices Indigenous Radio” program, broadcast live on WBAI-NYC and rebroadcast on stations throughout the country.  You can download or listen to the interview here.

We also joined WBAI-NYC’s “Wake Up Call”.  Download or listen to Victoria’s interview here.