About Us

The Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) links people in the U.S. and Guatemala in the grassroots global struggle for justice, human dignity and respect for the Earth. Formed at the height of Guatemala’s war in 1981, NISGUA’s network today is comprised of thousands of people across the U.S. who demand justice for genocidal crimes of the past, push to change current U.S. policies, challenge corporate-led development in Guatemala, and advocate for grassroots alternatives.


NISGUA works for real democracy in Guatemala and the U.S. and strengthens the global movement for justice. NISGUA builds mutually beneficial grassroots ties between the people of the U.S. and Guatemala and advocates for grassroots alternatives to challenge elite power structures and oppressive U.S. economic and foreign policy.

To achieve our mission, NISGUA distills information, analysis, and perspectives from Guatemalan grassroots organizations and NGOs, and channels them to activists across the U.S., to sister advocacy organizations, and to Congressional offices and the press. We design and organize U.S. grassroots advocacy campaigns in response to the needs on the ground, and where it is strategic for NISGUA to play a role. Through annual Guatemalan speakers tours and on-the-ground support to delegations to Guatemala, we build U.S. understanding of the challenges facing the Guatemalan people, help build the “spokesperson” capacity of our Guatemalan partner organizations, and strengthen people-to-people ties across borders.

A full list of our Board of Directors with bios is coming soon!
In 2015, we witnessed incredible movements for change in Guatemala. In the face of rampant corruption, new alliances emerged across broad sectors of civil society, while massive mobilizations against impunity saw more people than ever before take to the streets in protest.

We take a moment to reflect on the past year and the work we have accomplished together as the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala.

Read about our network’s accomplishments in 2016. 

Our History

For nearly three decades, NISGUA has been one of the primary organization linking people in the United States with the people and the struggles for justice in Guatemala.  We formed as an organization in 1981 to coordinate local activism on Guatemala in the United States in order to end U.S. government support for Guatemala’s brutal military regime and to further Guatemalan efforts to create a democratic society based on socio-economic justice and human rights. At the time, the 36-year internal armed conflict in Guatemala was at its most violent. In 1981 alone, the U.S.-sponsored military government killed or disappeared 19,000 civilians. NISGUA emerged as one of the first organizations that dared voice strong and continuous criticism of the U.S. government’s implication in these crimes. The situation in Guatemala – and in the United States – has changed since 1981, but NISGUA is still one of the strongest and steadiest grassroots voices for responsible U.S. policy in the region.